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Pinoy driver, HK cabbie shake hands after fight led to court

19 May 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

The two drivers patched up their differences in court

A Filipino driver and a local taxicab driver who got into a fight in a public toilet in Happy Valley over a parking issue shook hands today, May 19, in Eastern Court after agreeing to a bind-over deal.

The prosecution withdrew the joint charge of “fighting in a public place” against Bicmar Gumarac, 55, and Donny Cheung Chi-shing, 59, after they admitted the facts of the case and agreed to be bound over for $1,000 each.

Magistrate Bina Chainrai said that by agreeing to a bind-over, the charge against them both was dropped, but they must avoid committing an offense within the next 12 months, in particular, one that involves use of violence.

If they do, they will pay $1,000 each in addition to the penalty for their new offense, Chainrai said. She also ordered the two to pay $500 each as court costs.

The prosecution said the incident occurred at 6:15pm on Feb 26 at the Tai Hang Road toilet, when Cheung parked his taxicab to the left of a parked white car.

The driver of the white car blew his horn as Cheung made his way to the toilet. When Cheung asked what the problem was, the car driver said Cheung blocked his exit.

Gumarac, a kibitzer, joined in the dispute and sided with the white car’s driver, prompting Cheung to threaten to call the police.

The white car drove off and Cheung proceeded to the toilet. However, Cheung bumped into Gumarac and another dispute ensued.

Gumarac and Cheung pushed each other and exchanged blows. The fight left Gumarac with tenderness on his left lower ribs and left lower back, as well as scratch marks on his left and right forearms. Cheung had tenderness and abrasion on his left upper lip.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love.
 A toilet cleaner who witnessed the fight called the police and the two defendants were arrested and sent to Ruttonjee Hospital.

After the hearing, the two defendants went up to the court’s general office to sign the bond, then apologized and shook hands before each went his own way.

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