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3 new Covid-19 infections reported in HK

07 June 2020

By The SUN

Two new patients flew in from Pakistan, the third one from Britain (file photo by Marites Palma)

Hong Kong has reported three more imported cases of Covid-19 infections, bringing the total tally to 1,105.

Two of the patients, aged 17 and 47, returned from Pakistan. The third, a 26-year-old female, flew in from Britain.

All three reported having symptoms, like fever, cough, and loss of sense of taste or smell.
But the returnee from Britain said she developed symptoms in mid-March, but was asymptomatic when she arrived in Hong Kong.

There were no local cases reported today, Jun 6.

But this did not stop Shatin residents from demanding a halt in the re-opening of classes in primary and secondary grades this coming Monday, Jun 8.

The housing estate where a local outbreak occurred last week involving six residents, is located in the district.

Two dozen student concern groups from secondary schools in Shatin have urged a further suspension of classes, one day after 30 district councilors issued a similar warning.

The councilors said it will be hard to maintain social distancing among the young students, so the infection risk is high.
The  source of the infection in Luk Chuen House is still  unknown

The source of the infection in Luk Chuen House in Lek Yuen estate is still not known, but an infectious disease expert said the virus must have been spread partly by exhaust fans.

The index patient, a 34-year-old woman, lives in a flat numbered 12, along with her husband, who also tested positive. Two other patients live in separate flats, both numbered 12 as well. Another lives in a flat numbered 10.
The expert said that since the first confirmed patient lives in a floor below the other infected patients, it was not likely the virus spread through the sewage pipes as was previously thought.

Two other infected residents live on the same floor as the first reported patient, though with different numbered flats. Experts say the contamination must have also come from frequently touched surfaces, like the lift buttons.
As a precaution, health officials evacuated 75 residents from flats numbered 12 and 10 in the building.

It also conducted 1,363 tests on other residents, but all came back negative, except for the confirmed cases.

Residents of four household who appear to have fled their flats are now being sought so they could also be tested.

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