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PCG says all Filipino Covid-19 patients have recovered

04 June 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

The Consulate announced today, Jun 4, that all Filipinos in Hong Kong who tested positive for coronavirus have recovered.

“Lahat ng mga Pilipino ng mga maysakit na Pilipino ay gumaling na at nakalabas na ng ospital,” said the advisory posted on the Consulate’s Facebook page.

No figures were mentioned, but various reports suggest that about 50 Filipinos, both residents and migrant workers, have been infected with Covid-19.

Pindutin para sa detalye

A majority of these are musicians who fell ill when the virus raged across four bars they played at: Insomnia in Central, Dusk Till Dawn and Centre Stage in Wanchai, and All Night Long in Tsim Sha Tsui.

But around 20 are Filipino domestic workers, who were mostly infected at home by their employers.

They include two who were employed by a socialite member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club who appears to have also passed on the virus to her pet dog, and one whose elderly employer was infected at a hotpot dinner with family members.
A few were found infected when they flew into Hong Kong after accompanying their employers to such places as Britain, France, Canada and the United States.
Insomnia was shut after its Filipino band soloist tested positive for Covid-19 in late March

According to Manuela Lo, chairperson of the Hong Kong Musicians Union, there were 24 infected musicians who were on temporary work permit, and were thus able to get financial aid from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

HKMU helped them secure the relief aid from OWWA, as well as from Department of Labor and Employment’s Akap program, which extended US$200 for every sickened and displaced overseas Filipino worker.
A further 49 musicians who did not get sick but were put under quarantine and subsequently lost their jobs when the bars were shut, also reportedly received the Akap cash assistance.

Lo said it was unfortunate no similar help was extended to affected musicians who were already permanent residents in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong health records show that also among those who caught the virus are Filipinos who worked in the bars as food servers. At least two of them passed on the virus to family members: one to her teenage son, and another to her husband.

While bars have been allowed to reopen, live entertainment is still not allowed, so the affected Filipino musicians are now left having to grapple with loss of income.

Filipinos are advised to avoid crowds and observe social distancing

In its advisory, the Consulate reminded Filipinos to remain vigilant, especially in the wake of a new cluster of local transmissions in the city.

They are told to maintain hygiene by washing hands frequently, wearing masks, avoiding crowded places, and by following the rule that no more than eight persons should gather in public places.

The advisory also had a message to employers, telling them to “respect” the day-off of their employees who choose to stay at home.

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