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HK’s highest daily tally of 108 new Covid-19 cases include 15 Filipinos

19 July 2020

By The SUN
Today's record cases came from various districts across Hong Kong

Hong Kong recorded its highest daily tally of 108 confirmed Covid-19 cases, today, Jul 19, bringing the city’s total infections to 1,886.

The new cases include an unprecedented 15 Filipinos who recently arrived from Manila. Ten of them are domestic workers, and three are seafarers. The visa status of the two others was not mentioned.

Another record was the 83 local infections among today’s cases.

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The all-time high was reached in just eight hours, after the Health Department adjusted its cut-off reporting time to midnight, instead of 4pm the next day, to cope with the sudden spike in cases.

This means that the 108 cases were confirmed only between 4pm and 12 midnight on Saturday. Today's total tally will be reported at midnight tonight.

Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection warned at today’s press briefing that the local medical system could collapse if the situation did not improve.

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She also said that the number of confirmed cases could go up sharply within today, as she was aware of about 60 more confirmed or preliminary cases detected since after midnight Saturday.

Another concern is the apparently “stronger” or more infectious strain of the coronavirus that is going around, compared to the one that caused a spike in infections last March.

Chuang said that’s because she has seen cases in which the virus managed to infect another during short contacts of about a few minutes, involving someone without a mask on.
Chuang warns a more infectious coronavirus strain appears to be causing the surge in cases

Of today’s cases, 48 are of unknown source, further igniting the worry that many asymptomatic super spreaders are passing the virus around.


The number of imported cases was also up sharply at 25. Apart from the 15 Filipinos who flew in from Manila, the other infected travelers came from Japan, Pakistan, India, Bahrain and the United States.

Chuang said information on two other travelers were still pending although one appears to be an airline crew from Japan who might have just transited in Hong Kong.

The CHP official said 35 of the local cases were linked to previous or today’s cases, and that most of them are family members, fellow diners or fellow mahjong players.


Chuang said there were cluster cases among the new infections. Some were linked to the Windsor Restaurant or Green River Restaurant in the epidemic hotspot Tsz Wan Shan, and family members who had eaten or played mahjong together.

One more case was linked to three previously confirmed patients who had played at a tennis centre in San Po Kong.

Of the untraceable cases, three involved taxi drivers and an employee of a frozen meat shop in a market in Hung Hom.

She reminded people who go to wet markets to wash their hands regularly, especially after they touch produce or pay with cash, because the virus may remain in the environment.

“Paper money is something that you cannot cleanse with alcohol, so after touching it, try not to touch your eyes or noses or mouths, and wash your hands quickly,” she said.

Chuang said that the new patients live in different districts, from the epicenter Tsz Wan Shan, to Siu Sai Wan and Yuen Long.

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