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4 people may now gather in public as Covid-19 cases drop to 6

08 September 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap
Four people may now gather in public together from this Friday

Starting this Friday, Sept. 11, the number of people who may gather in public will again be increased to four from the present two, and more public venues such as mahjong parlours, games arcades and most sports venues will reopen.

However, the mask-wearing in public places and mass transportation will remain in place.
The more relaxed measures were announced today, Sept. 8, as the Centre for Health Protection announced that the number of new infections had gone down to six, the lowest in more than two months.

Among the new cases were two Filipina domestic helpers who tested positive on second screening while they were in quarantine. One arrived on Aug 28 and the other, on Sept. 2.
A seafarer who arrived from Ukraine made up the third imported case on the list.

Pindutin para sa detalye!

Of the three remaining cases, one was linked to an outbreak at the Transport City Building in Tai Wai, while the two others were uncovered from the ongoing universal community testing program.

The linked case was a cleaner in the Tai Wai building where 20 confirmed cases have so far been detected. CHP’s Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan said more than 400 specimen bottles have been distributed to tenants of the building, and about 25 close contacts on the heavily infected sixth floor will be sent to quarantine.

The two cases detected through the UCTP were a Tai Wo Hau resident who was found to be a family member of two infected patients, and a housewife who lives with her family in Tuen Mun and often went to the wet market and a nearby mall for shopping.

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Dr Chuang also reported that test results from the Metropark Hotel in Mong Kok have all been negative so far, despite three guests staying on the same floor, and a relative of one of them, testing positive for Covid-19 last week.

All the test results gathered so far from three detention centres have also yielded negative results. Two detainees who spent time in either the Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre, Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre, Castle Peak Detention Facility and Pik Uk Prison, were found positive last week.

Also, a Thai overstayer who was found infected during routine testing at the Castle Peak Detention Centre reportedly had a meal a few weeks before his arrest with a British national who tested positive for the virus afterwards. “So maybe that’s how he got infected,” said Chuang.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

The new cases brought the city’s total tally to 4,896 with 98 related deaths. A 90-year-old man who passed away at 8:57 this morning at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital was the latest fatality.

But as of 9am today, only 220 confirmed patients are still being treated in public hospitals and a community treatment facility.

Masks should still be worn while in public places

Meanwhile, Secretary for Food and Health Dr Sophia Chan said the further relaxation of social distancing measures were in line with the government’s “suppress and lift approach” to combating the pandemic.

The modified restrictions will take effect for a week from Friday, while those that have not been changed, like mask-wearing in public, will be extended for another week.
Dr Chan said the government is still reviewing whether to reopen other more risky venues like bath houses, swimming pools, karaokes and pubs, and will make its decision known by next week.


She again spoke of the importance of the UCTP, saying it has so far uncovered a number of silent transmissions going on in the community, including those possibly linked to two foreign domestic helpers who were found infected during the mass testing.

The health chief also warned that the city should already be preparing for the next wave of transmissions which could happen at the onset of winter, but has yet to see the end of the current round of infections.

She said that as of noon today, a total of 1.23 million people have already signed up for the universal testing, and 932,000 results have already been determined.
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