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CE leads officials in getting tested

01 September 2020

By The SUN

CE Lam says  invisible carriers must be detected so they will not infect family and friends 

Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her top officials were among those who got tested for Covid-19 early today, Sept 1, as the Universal Community Testing for residents got underway.

CE Lam said afterwards that about 10,000 had themselves tested in the first two hours of the exercise. 

She again appealed to the public to take part in the exercise, saying it will help ensure that they, along with their family members and people they interact with regularly, are free from infection.

“My appeal has always been for as many citizens to come forward for themselves, their family, their relatives and their co-workers,” she said.

She reiterated that universal testing was devised to track asymptomatic carriers who are responsible for about a quarter of new infections with no known source.

"Can you imagine if someone is infected but asymptomatic, that person would not go to a doctor, and if that person does not go for testing, then he or she will be spreading the virus among his friends and family. If that is the case, then we won't be able to contain the covid situation," she said.
"Family and friends might be infected and might even end up in a serious condition, so I ask the general public again, see this program in a fair and objective light."

Speaking before her weekly Executive Council meeting, the chief executive also allayed fears about the test being painful, saying she felt safe doing it, and that the process was simple and convenient.
The probes used for the throat and nose swabs - it's not painful says the CE
“The testing is not as difficult and painful as they imagined,” she assured.

Lam used her address to rebut arguments made by the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance, which called on the public to boycott the testing scheme, saying it is useless without a lockdown.

The critics also questioned the safety of doing the tests in populous areas, where most of the 141 testing centres spread across 18 districts, are located.

Lam said Hong Kong people would not want a lockdown as they want to continue enjoying freedom of movement. She also pointed out that the borders are closed to non-residents, but remain open to citizens who are abroad and want to come back.

As for the location of the testing centres, Lam said it was important that they were in accessible areas so more people would be encouraged to take part.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

Nearly 600,000 have reportedly signed up so far for the voluntary free testing, which will run until Sept 7, and could be extended for another week depending on demand.

Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip said that as of 8am this morning, 99 of the 141 testing centres have been fully booked for just the day, and 14 centres are currently fully booked for the next seven days.

However, a random check by The SUN of two testing centres on both sides of the harbour showed no queue outside, allowing those with an appointment for a later date to be tested right on the spot.

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