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HK Immigration says Filipina DH 'removed' because employer backed out

21 September 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

The hotel in Ortigas where Deno spent the first few days of her quarantine

A Filipina domestic helper was sent back to the Philippines last Saturday after her prospective employer cancelled her work contract on learning she tested positive for Covid-19 on arrival, the Hong Kong Immigration Department said today, Sept 21.

This was the reason why Ermelyn Deno, 31, was issued with a removal order as soon as she was discharged from Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital on Sept 19, after a week of treatment.

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An Immigration spokeswoman clarified that Deno’s case did not indicate a policy shift in treating incoming migrant workers who test positive for coronavirus at the airport.

In this case, Immigration reportedly asked the employer after Deno was treated at Eastern Hospital if she still wanted to employ the worker and the employer said she had changed her mind, the spokeswoman said.


In a separate statement, an Immigration spokesman said in response to an emailed query that Deno was not deported, but was “removed” from Hong Kong because she had no right to remain here.

“The reason for her removal was that her employer decided not to continue with her contract,” the spokesman said.

The spokeswoman said a foreigner is deported if he or she has been convicted of a crime in Hong Kong. On the other hand, she said removal is the process of sending away someone who has no right to remain in Hong Kong.

Both spokespersons asserted the Filipina was not covered by the 14-day extension of stay given to terminated foreign helpers as a matter of policy.

The spokeswoman said the grace period is given to FDHs to pack their belongings before they go home, and not to look for new employers.

She added that terminated workers must return to their home countries and, from there, apply for new employers and return to Hong Kong once they are issued new work visas.


The spokesman said Deno was not given an entry visa to Hong Kong but was only taken to the hospital for treatment because she tested positive for Covid-19 upon her arrival.

Deno's visa was not stamped as 'completed' as if she never entered Hong Kong

 Whatever the action against Deno is called, it has surprised many, including those in the employment agency sector.

 Thomas Chan, chair of the Hong Kong Union of Employment Agencies said it was “strange” to hear about the case.

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“This is a case deserving the attention of Polo (Philippine Overseas Labor Office) and the employment sectors,” Chan said. “(It’s) really a new approach.

Meanwhile, Deno, who spent two days quarantined in Pasig City, said she was released today after receiving a negative swab test result this morning from the Red Cross.

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She said she would stay for a few days in Metro Manila to visit the agency that deployed her to Hong Kong and coordinate with the local government unit in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, regarding safety protocols for her return home.

Despite testing negative in three tests prior to her discharge in Hong Kong, she still has to complete the 14-day quarantine required of all new arrivals in the Philippines.

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