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PCG extends help to infected OFWs as 2 more test positive at HK airport

12 September 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap


The 2 Filipinas included in today's list of new cases flew in aboard CX906 (File Photo)

Philippine Consulate officials have moved to help five Filipina domestic helpers who were among 12 Covid-19 patients reported yesterday, and are now in isolation in two hospitals.

This comes as two more Filipina DHs, aged 29 and 26,  were included among 13 new cases recorded today, Sept. 12.

According to Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection, the two new patients arrived via Cathay Pacific flight CX 906 on Sept 10.

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She said they were linked to the first batch of 13 FDHs that flew in the day before aboard Hong Kong Airlines Flight HX872, which included the five earlier cases. The infected patients are aged 30, 33, 34, 35 and 39.

Consul General Raly Tejada said four from the first batch of sick Filipinas were admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital, and one, to United Christian Hospital. He said the Consulate is now talking to the workers and their agencies.

“The agencies have purchased basic essentials for the patients which will be delivered today,” Congen Tejada said.

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He identified the Hong Kong agencies as FRA Golden Full with three workers and FRA Golden Win with three workers. Their counterparts in the Philippines are Placewell International Services and Tripple 1.

He confirmed Hong Kong authorities’ report that the workers stayed together in their respective agency’s dormitories in Manila before their departure.

Hong Kong health authorities said the eight other Filipinas in the group had been taken to a quarantine centre for observation.

Congen Tejada wants to know as soon as a Filipino is found infected so the Consulate can  help if needed

Earlier, Congen Tejada expressed surprise that the Consulate was not immediately told about the new infections which he learned about only from The SUN.

He said the standing protocol is that the CHP would inform the Consulate immediately if there was a Filipino detected to have the coronavirus, and he reiterated this to Food and Health Secretary Sophia Chan when they met only last week.


Kaya lang ang sabi nila madami ang ayaw ipaalam na maysakit sila. Sabi (naman) namin sa Pilipinas public health trumps data privacy laws. Sabi ko gusto lang naman naming makausap at least para matulungan,” he said.

(But they said many patients don’t want it known that they are sick. We countered that in the Philippines, public health trumps data privacy laws. I said we just want to talk to them at least so we can help).

At the press conference, Dr Chuang was asked if CHP would ask the Philippine government for an explanation on why the FDHs who were supposed to have tested negative before leaving Manila were found positive on arrival.

Pindutin para sa detalye

She replied that it was the CHP’s understanding that the helpers stayed together in the agency hostels before departing for Hong Kong, suggesting that it was the source of their infection. 

In any case, she said Hong Kong still requires them to get tested at the airport and to quarantine for 14 days after arrival to make sure they are free of the virus before they rejoin the community.

Apart from the two Filipinas who flew in via Cathay, there were two other imported cases reported today. One is a returnee from India who flew via London, and the other, from Russia via Turkey.

Five of the eight local cases were of unknown source, and included a 30-year-old waitress at the Gold Coast Café, a 67-year-old male retiree who lives in Yau Tong, a 51-year-old woman who works in To Kwa Wan and lives in Tai Wai, an 88-year-old male retiree living in Kwai Chung, and a 45-year-old female clerk who lives in Wong Tai Sin.


Three of the four remaining cases belong to the same family that lives in Yau Tong. The first family member to get sick was a 67-year-old male retiree who went to United Christian Hospital when he fell ill on Wednesday. He tested positive the next day. A check on his family members showed three others had the virus.

The fourth linked case is a man who lives in Yau Ma Tei.

Dr Lau Ka-hin of the Hospital Authority reported that another patient passed away this morning, bringing the city’s death toll to 99. The 67-year-old male patient who was confined at Caritas Medical Centre was found to have developed antibodies to Covid-19 but died of terminal cancer.

Of the 4,939 total cases recorded in Hong Kong, only 185 are still being treated in public  hospitals and the community treatment facility at AsiaWorld-Expo as of 9am today.

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