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Young Filipina DH found floating in Lam Tin pool passes away

23 September 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap

Adrelyn's Facebook cover photo shows her in one of her favorite pastime activities

Mystery surrounds the death of Andrelyn Peralta Onera, 28, who was found floating in a pool in Laguna City estate in Lam Tin on Sunday afternoon.

Onera, described by her family and friends as a fun-loving but responsible person, was declared dead at United Christian Hospital at around 3pm today, Sept 23.

She had been on life support since she was fished from the water by a Laguna City lifeguard, and was reportedly given only 20 percent of survival.

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The exact cause of her death is unknown.

Her younger half-sister, Jenny Mae Bandillon, told The SUN that the doctors at United Christian had ruled out drowning as the cause of death because there was hardly any water inside Adrelyn’s body.

But there were no signs, either, or any fractures or concussion, eliminating the widely held theory that she had slipped and hit her head on a hard surface.

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According to Mae, the doctor thinks Adrelyn’s body just stopped beating while she was in the water, and had asked if the deceased had any pre-existing ailment, or if they had a history of heart problems.

However, Mae says her “ate” had always been strong and physically active, spending her rest days mostly doing outdoor activities like swimming in the open sea, or hiking.

She was known to be a fit  and daring swimmer and hiker

On the day she died, Adrelyn reportedly spent the morning resting inside her room, then chatted over lunch with her son who will turn 12 on Sept. 27. In the afternoon, she borrowed the access pass to the estate’s swimming pool from her employer then left.

About 30 minutes later, the employer reportedly said the police and the estate’s lifeguard had come knocking on their door to say Adrelyn had been taken to hospital after she was found floating lifeless on the pool.

In-between sobs, Mae painted a picture of a loving mother, daughter and big sister in Adrelyn, who took on the responsibility as the family’s breadwinner at a young age.

While singlehandedly raising a son, Adrelyn also sent her four younger siblings to school, provided for their widowed mother, and even managed to buy her own house in their hometown of Dingle, Iloilo.


At about 8pm every night, Adrelyn would video-chat with her family in Dingle and in Quezon City where Mae and a brother have moved for work. Sometimes, says Mae, Adrelyn’s young ward to whom she was very close, would also join them.

It was thus a surprise, says Mae, when her ate did not initiate their usual video chat that day. About two hours later, she got a call from one of Adrelyn’s friends who said her ate was in the hospital’s ICU and was comatose.

Mae says she did not believe this at first because she could see that her ate was “online” on messenger. Hoping against hope, she kept calling Adrelyn, but received no reply.

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Finally, after several tries, someone picked up the call. It was Adrelyn’s employer, who confirmed the heartbreaking news.

Adrelyn’s family is now planning to write a letter to Consul General Raly Tejada to ask for help in urging the Hong Kong Police to conduct a full and thorough investigation into her death. Through this, hopefully, they could put a closure to the tragic event. 

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