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Dismissed maid jailed 4 months for $26,000 loan fraud

20 October 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The 2 cases were heard today at Eastern Court

A Filipina domestic helper has been sent to jail for four months for taking out a $26,000 loan without telling the lender she was fired the day before.

G. Camayang, 40, pleaded guilty to the charge today, Oct 20, at Eastern Court.

Magistrate Bina Chainrai said she could give no further discount after cutting Camayang’s sentence by one-third due to her guilty plea.

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The magistrate pointed out that Camayang knew her work contract was no longer valid since she was fired a day before she applied for the loan at a Prime Credit branch in Admiralty on Mar 23, 2019.

The defendant, a mother of five children of whom the youngest was aged 4 and the eldest was 14, was arrested by police on Feb 23 this year while she was already working for a new employer, her third, the prosecution said.

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By then, she had already defaulted on the $26,000 loan that she got, and was supposed to repay at $2,303 monthly installments. She paid just once and left $25,346 unpaid.

After the money lender learned that Camayang had been fired her the case was reported to the police.

After her arrest, the Filipina helper made two more payments to the Prime Credit account in May and July this year and kept the receipts, said her lawyer.


Camayang was able to find an employer shortly after losing her job, but she was also dismissed in September 2019. She was then hired by another employer but was fired just last month because of this case.

The defendant wiped off her tears as her lawyer explained her difficult situation since she was dismissed by her employer.

Meanwhile, a Filipino male helper was sentenced today in Eastern Court to a total of 9 months in jail for possession of dangerous drugs in February and for stealing a $3,100 bicycle on Lamma Island on June 30.

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J. Fernandez, 36, pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession and one count of theft in Eastern Court on Oct 6. He was sentenced by Magistrate Chainrai to 8 month in jail for the first drug charge and two weeks for the second, to run concurrently.

He was jailed one month for stealing the bike, to be served after the drug sentence.

The defendant, who performed gardening work, was arrested on the night of Feb 11 by a police patrol at Central Pier 4 after he acted suspiciously and tried to evade them.

The officers found 2 small plastic bags containing 6.48 grams of methamphetamine powder under the waistband of his underpants. The next morning, they found 0.23g of cannabis resin wrapped in a tissue also in his underpants.

While on out bail, Fernandez stole a red bicycle parked on a roadside in Yung Shue Long Village, Lamma, on the night of Jun 30 and repainted it silver. The owner’s wife was able to trace the bike on Jul 2 and reported to police. The defendant was arrested on July 4.


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