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Pinay who fought with employer freed on police bail

30 October 2020

By Daisy CL Mandap 

S.L. was released on bail after an interview at North Point Police Station (Foursquare photo)

The Filipina who was arrested on Wednesday night after a fierce fight with her employer in North Point was freed on police bail late yesterday, Oct 29.

The Consulate who had been helping S.L. throughout provided her bail money and later took her to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office’s shelter.

But a pro bono private solicitor assisted S.L. during her interview at the North Point police station, during which she chose to remain silent after being advised of her rights.

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No charges have been filed against her.

S. L. was taken to the North Point Police station after being discharged from the Pamela Youde Nethersole (Eastern Hospital) where she was taken after complaining of dizziness.

Her employer was also taken to the hospital for an unknown complaint but was discharged earlier.

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Police told The SUN earlier that S.L. was booked on charges of possessing an offensive weapon and assault occasioning bodily harm.

They were reportedly called to the scene at Island Place Three in North Point at 6:30pm on Wednesday by an unnamed resident.

“The police received information that the accused had pointed a knife and had bitten her employer,” said a police spokeswoman.

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“Both the domestic helper and her employer were admitted to the PYNEH and right now the domestic helper is still in the hospital.”

The spokeswoman said no complaints were recorded against the employer, and she was not arrested.

S.L. being interviewed by police at the lobby of her employer's residential building

A video of the encounter between the two where the Filipina could be heard shouting "ate, ate" - apparently asking for help from a friend who lives in the same block - went viral even before the police took S.L. away.

Social media posts by her friends and relatives said S.L. was ordered to leave by her employer that same night, but should first sign a blank document, so she resisted. Her employer reportedly got angry when S.L. started recording their conversation using her telephone. 

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S.L.’s sister who managed to see the accused in hospital Thursday morning said she was told that it was the employer who had taken out the knife along with a pair of scissors during their argument. The employer reportedly told her sister to choose which of the two she wanted to be assaulted with. 

Before this, the employer reportedly told the helper that she should leave their house on the spot and not wait until her one-month notice of termination had lapsed early next month.

S.L., who had worked for the employer for only three months, reportedly complained of being made to sleep in the living room and not being given any space to store her personal stuff. 

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