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Pinoy DH in hot water for drug possession and bike theft

06 October 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Fernandez admitted stealing a bicycle on Lamma while on bail for drug possession

A Filipino domestic worker who was arrested in Central for drug possession in February this year compounded his trouble when he stole a bicycle valued at $3,100 on Lamma Island at the end of June.

The 36-year-old defendant, J. Fernandez, pleaded guilty in Eastern Court earlier today,  Oct 6, to two counts of possession of dangerous drugs and one count of theft.

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Magistrate Bina Chainrai ordered Fernandez remanded in custody pending a drug abuse report and sentencing on Oct 20.

The prosecution said that at 11:49pm on Feb 11, police officers conducting a patrol at Central Pier 4 saw the defendant suspiciously trying to evade them.

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When the officers stopped and searched him, they found two small plastic bags with about 7 grams of a substance that contained methamphetamine hydrochloride, or the drug commonly known as “ice” or “shabu”

He was arrested and taken to the Central Police Station. In the interview room, police allegedly found 0.23g of cannabis (marijuana) resin wrapped in a tissue and hidden in his underpants.


The prosecution said the defendant admitted he bought the drugs from a stranger in Lantau Island for his own use. He was charged with two counts of drug possession and released on police bail.

On the evening of Jun 30, Fernandez got into trouble again when he made off with a red bicycle parked about 30 meters from his home in Yung Shue Long Village, Lamma, the prosecution said.


The owner, David S. Balman, reportedly parked the bicycle on the roadside around 8pm, securing it with a lock. When he returned at 8:30pm, the bike was gone.

A resident in the neighborhood who saw Fernandez take the bicycle reported the case to the police around 7:30am the next day.

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The owner initially was not keen on pressing charges against the defendant because he was going away but the police convinced him to file a complaint. At 4:30pm on the same day, the defendant was arrested and he admitted the offense.

After Fernandez admitted to the drug and theft charges, the defense lawyer requested to adjourn the case for two weeks to obtain a drug report. He applied for bail extension, but Chainrai refused, citing the prosecution’s objections.
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