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Artemis ladies squeak past all-Pinay softball team Fate, 12-11

26 November 2020

By Emz Frial

Fate's just too happy to be back on the pitch despite the initial setback

Filipino softball team Fate set the pace as they returned to the Shek Kip Mei pitch on Sunday afternoon, Nov 22, against local squadron Artemis, but luck eluded them as they lost 11-12 in their first game after a long lay-off.

The 3pm match followed a 10-month closure of the pitch as one of several safety measures the Hong Kong government had imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Pindutin para sa detalye
Fate’s all-Filipina domestic helper team were full of enthusiasm when the Hong Kong Softball Association reopened the field for the 2019-2020 season.

Siera May Tebia, batting for away team Fate, started the game with a fly ball that was caught by local pitcher Mok Yin Yau. Second batter Maribel Sitchon then hit a short infield ball that allowed her to run to the first base.

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Daisy Maano also struck an infielder for a dash to first base as base runner Sitchon ran to the second. Then an error by Artemis’ catcher drove the two base runners to the next base.

Fourth batter Chelo Garbo also sent the ball flying, but she was caught on a pass ball by the Artemis pitcher to the first baseman. Sitchon sprinted to the third base when Josel Ondrade whacked the ball and ran to the first base.


At Percy Jayme’s turn, she smashed an outfield ball that took her safely through the first and second bases while base runners Sitchon and Ondrade ran safely to the home base.

Jayme was the third Fater to run home on hits by Jonalyn Cupag and Belinda Ganitano.

Bambee Abadilla hit a long ball for a dash to the second base that sent Cupag running to the home base. Ganitano was stuck on the third as the inning ended with Fate ahead 5-0. 


The locals took their chances when new Fate player Garbo took the pitching stand in their first inning. They scored four home runs courtesy of Pang Po-mau, Lai Wing-suan, Siu Wing-chi and Mok Yin-yau to end the inning 5-4 for Fate.

In the second inning, Fate gave their opponents no room to score. 

Before Artemis started their inning, Fate captain Don Gaborno called for substitution and reshuffled her players. She took over pitching and caught two locals standing out with her fast ball.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang klwentong Dream Love

Still, Artemis managed to add three home runs through Pang, Siu and Mok that put them ahead of the Filipinas, 7-5, at the close of the second inning. 

In the third inning, Fate added five home runs through Garbo, Ondrade, Jayme, Gaborno and Tebia, while they limited Artemis to two courtesy of Ho Ping-ting and Cho Suet. Fate was back in front, 10-9, at the end of the inning. 

Fate took their last chance to nail the match in the fourth, but Jayme scored a run. The locals then scuttled the Filipinas’ tight defense to add three runs via Leung Wing-yau, Yeung Tan and Ho Pai-ting that ended the match 12-11 for Artemis. 





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