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CE says universal testing may be held anew as 85 new Covid-19 cases reported

26 November 2020

By The SUN 

The CE says mandatory testing for all is not a practical option

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced a plan to hold another round of voluntary Covid-19 testing for anyone who wants one.

She made her announcement as part of her policy announcement on Wednesday, Nov 25.

At a press conference held afterwards, the Chief Executive however, dismissed suggestions of a universal mandatory testing and a full lockdown to make the anti-coronavirus measures work.

Pindutin para sa detalye

“We have to ask ourselves, is it based on science? Is it based on evidence that it is a good arrangement?,” the CE asked."We also have to look into the practicality of doing this."

She said testing each one of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million would require a lockdown of beween four to eight weeks, in addition to the closure of the airport and land borders. 

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The calls for stricter measures were made as Hong Kong’s Covid-19 cases continued to mount, with 85 new infections being reported. 

As in the past few days, the new cases came from the dance cluster. An additional 63 new coronavirus cases were added Wednesday, pushing the total tally to 250.

There was only one imported case, the lowest on record for the past several months. It involved an 18-year-old female returnee who flew in from the United Kingdom.

There was also one patient who had come from Shenzhen, but the 44-year-old woman was classified as a locally acquired case as she was found to have lived while under home quarantine in Sham Shui Po with another infected patient, a 52-year-old female.

The number of cases in the dance cluster keeps growing

Among the local cases linked to the dance cluster was a 75-year-old female doctor at Union Hospital in Tai Wai who also works in a private clinic in Ma On Shan.

One of her close contacts studies at Victoria Shanghai Academy, a private school in Aberdeen. The school has been advised temporarily while

Of the 21 other new local cases, there were 16 with unknown sources, including a cleaner who works at AsiaWorld-p Expo, but not at the temporary medical facility there.


As in the past few days, the untraceable cases involved people from all walks of life who live in various districts across Hong Kong. They included a 21-month-old baby boy who lives in Yuen Long. A relative is said to have tested preliminary positive.

There was also a security guard, several people who were not working, a retiree and a housewife. They live in areas as far apart as Shatin, Tai Wai, Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Fan Ling and Yuen Long in the New Territories; North Point, Quarry Bay and Causeway in eastern Hong Kong; and Ngau Chi Wan, Diamond Hill, To kwa Wan and Sau Mau Ping in Kowloon. There was also a 41-year-old man in Discovery Bay.

More than 60 others have tested preliminary positive, including a nurse who works at Gleneagles Hospital and a worker at Siu King Home for the Elderly in To Kwa Wan.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang klwentong Dream Love

Health officials say the care home staff had no contact with elderly residents at the facility, but 30 of his co-workers and about 20 residents there had tested negative for the virus.

Another preliminary case is a student in a secondary school who was a close contact of the 15-year-old student at Kiangsu and Chekiang school in North Point who was among today’s confirmed infections.

Health officials have advised the second school to close for disinfecion.




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