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Filipina DH admits stealing $20k, says it’s for husband’s cancer surgery

16 November 2020

 By Vir B. Lumicao 

The magistrate postponed sentencing to check if defendant's husband really has cancer

A 43-year-old Filipina helper claiming she was driven by her husband’s brain cancer to steal $20,000 from her employer in Kowloon City pleaded guilty to the offense today, Nov 16.

D. Alejandro entered her plea when she appeared before Magistrate Ada Yim, who postponed her sentencing to Dec 28, so her husband’s medical certificate could be presented in court. Yim also asked for a background report.

Pindutin para sa detalye

The prosecution report said the Filipina was arrested on Oct 25 after she was seen on CCTV taking the money from the denim pants of her female employer Wong Siu-ping.

Alejandro was hired by Wong as a helper in May 2019. Wong, her husband and their two grown-up daughters live in a flat at Lee’s Mansion on Boundary St., Kowloon City.

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She had instructions not to enter Wong’s bedroom without permission, the report said.

Early on, the family noticed cash had been disappearing from the flat starting September. As a result, Wong’s daughter installed a CCTV in the flat on Oct 11 and told the family about it. Since then, the family would take photos of money they brought home for record.


 At 1:45pm on Oct 25, Wong put 40 pieces of $500 banknotes in the pockets of her denim pants as she would usually do, and left the garment in the bedroom unattended.

At 2:06pm on the same day, the elder daughter checked the CCTV with her mobile phone and saw the defendant taking the 40 pieces of $500 bills from the pockets of her mother’s denim pants.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Alejandro folded the denim pants after taking the cash, which she put in the upper part of her t-shirt, then left the bedroom, the prosecution said.

The daughter informed Wong, who was in the flat, and called the police. The officers arrived at 2:20pm and searched the house. They found the money under the kitchen sink.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

They arrested Alejandro and charged her in Fanling Court on Oct 26.

In mitigation, the defense counsel said his client admitted the offense because on Sept 1, she got a call from her sister-in-law saying her husband, a farmer, was diagnosed with brain cancer and needed surgery urgently.

He asked for leniency, citing the maid’s guilty plea and clear record, so she could go home as early as possible.

Magistrate Yim told the defendant to present a medical certificate of her husband and asked the prosecution for a background report before the sentencing.

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