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Filipinas in another public brawl as police nowhere in sight

17 November 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The two women on the ground kept fighting even after security officers tried to intervene

Workers spending their day off at Tamar Park on Sunday were treated to a fierce fight between two Filipinas, the third such incident in more than a month that took pacifiers some time to break due to the absence of police.

A video of the latest fight went viral after the incident. It showed the two women in physical contact for some minutes with one of them not ready to stop despite several hands, including two park security staff, intervening.

The cause of the fight was not immediately known. The protagonists were Ilocanas, judging by the expletives the underdog was spewing after the two were separated.

Pindutin para sa detalye


Police have yet to respond to an inquiry on whether the incident was reported to them by any of the parties involved or the park security. In two previous fights involving Filipinas that also went viral on social media, no reports had also been made.


The woman in black kept cursing the other in shorts even after they were pulled apart 

Fighting in public and common assault, assault causing injury and wounding, are all criminal offenses in Hong Kong, but in the recent street fights involving Filipina domestic helpers, strangely, no police were seen. 

Video footage of the Tamar tussle showed the long-haired taller fighter, wearing a pair of skimpy blue denim shorts and peach long-sleeved shirt, had the upperhand.

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She would not let go of the hair of her protagonist, a shorter, long-haired woman wearing a black and white striped long-sleeved shirt, who was awkwardly on her knees and her face on the ground. 

At one point, a male security officer shouted, “Stop! Stop! Call the police ah!” But the duel continued with the woman in shorts still not releasing her clutch of the other’s hair.

When the underdog’s wisp of hair finally gave, the taller fighter lost her grip, giving pacifiers the opportunity to pull her away from the vanquished.


She wanted to resume the attack, but the male guard and other Filipinas blocked her while the female security and other women led the crying loser a few steps away.

The Admiralty skirmish was over squatting space on a bridge

An earlier brawl between two groups of Filipinas which was also caught on video had so alarmed Consul General Raly Tejada that he appealed for the footage to be taken down, saying such incidents tarnish the community's image.

The one he was commenting on happened on Aug 16, also a Sunday, when two groups of women migrant workers fought viciously over the right to squat on a bridge leading to United Centre, where the Consulate has its offices.

Pindutin para sa detalye

What made the incident more embarrassing was a retired senior Hong Kong government official happened to pass by while the Filipinas were exchanging blows.

Congen asked the protagonists to see him in his office so they could settle their dispute amicably.

The Chater Road brawl which was witnessed by the big Sunday crowd 

In another incident on Oct 18, also a Sunday, a group of reportedly Filipino lesbians ganged up one of their kind on Chater Road, apparently over a relationship dispute.

In a video of the incident that has since been taken off the internet, six or more women wrestled their quarry to the ground as others tried to either break them up the fight or join in.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love


One Filipina was shouting “Awatin nyo na kasi!” (Come on, stop them!) while another replied, “Hindi, hayaan nyo para matuto!” (Don’t, let them teach her a lesson).

A woman who was taking a video of the fight was heard being stopped by another who said, “Huwag na, huwag nang pag-picture-picture diyan! Filipino yan.” (Don’t take pictures! They’re Filipinos.)

When the attackers relented, the target of ire, a chubby lesbian in printed white shirt and peach knee-length shorts got up groggily, supported by other kibitzers.

A short video of the fighting continues to be shared on Facebook.

The second incident caused Congen Tejada to remark that Filipinos were becoming known in the community “for the wrong reason.”

The woman on the ground in this Wanchai brawl was left bloody, but no one called the police

Earlier in the same month, perhaps the most savage fight between two women, one of them apparently a Filipina, took place at daytime outside Amazonia Bar on Luard Road, Wanchai.

For several minutes, the Filipina was held to the ground by another woman who pulled her hair and would not let go even after about five burly men had tried to break them up. 

When the other woman eventually let go, the Filipina could be seen bleeding profusely from a wound on her head, apparently, a torn scalp.

Some watchers were shouting “tumawag kayo ng pulis, tumawag kayo ng pulis! (call the police, call the police!)” But no one did.

The police, whose headquarters on Arsenal were just three streets away, said they had not received a report on the tussle.

Some of the fights reportedly were due to rivalry over men.

Recently, another fierce fight between two Filipinas took place on a sidewalk in Central outside Armani Exchange. Nobody tried to break them up while South Asian men watched like referees.

On the Facebook page of an African group, a video of the fight was posted recently with the title, “Filipinas fight over African men in Hong Kong”. 

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