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Filipino jailed 8 months for credit card theft, deception

02 November 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Dagohoy was sentenced at Eastern Court after admitting the two offences

A Filipino restaurant worker who admitted stealing a credit card in March and attempting to use it to pay for a cartful of grocery was sentenced in Eastern Court on Oct 28 to eight months in jail.

J. Dagohoy was supposed to stand trial for one count each of theft and attempting to obtain property by deception on Oct 13, but he decided to plead guilty to both charges at the last minute before Magistrate Vivian Ho.

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Dagohoy was accused of using the stolen credit card to shop at a Wellcome supermarket in Discovery Bay on Mar 20.

Police said the defendant went to the store on the evening of Mar 20 and filled his shopping cart with $2,975 worth of items, including boxes of chocolates, whiskey, socks and stockings, as well as surgical masks.

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He presented a Visa credit card to pay for the goods, but the cashier told him there was a problem with the card.

The defendant insisted he owned the credit card and was its authorized user, but the saleslady called the police. He was arrested but released on police bail.


Dagohoy appeared in court without a lawyer on Jun 15 and tried to enter a plea, but Magistrate So Wai-tak ordered him to find a lawyer to represent him because his case was serious.

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On Aug 10 he pleaded not guilty to the charges before another Eastern magistrate, Bina Chainrai, who scheduled the trial.  

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