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Alleged DH predator in TKO said to be on the prowl again

16 December 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao

'Gordon' is said to have lured several Filipinas into his trap over the years with fake job offers

A Hong Kong man who has allegedly been luring foreign domestic helpers into his flat in Tsueng Kwan O for a job interview, then talking or forcing them to bed, is said to be on the prowl again, with at least nine women claiming to be his latest victims.

The nine helpers who had responded to a recent job offer reportedly fell into the trap laid by the alleged predator, who uses various names, but employs the same modus. Victims say he has used the names Gordon, Martin, Achilles, Mr Poon, Yarra and Kenny, but has given the same telephone number to all of them.

The informants, who confided their predicament to the Facebook group Domestic Workers Corner, said they separately met the man in Tseung Kwan O’s shopping malls. 

Pindutin para sa detalye

Others who had complained about him previously said he often hung out at the Hang Hau MTR station to look for prey.

The complainants say the man often hangs out near the Hang Hau MTR station

The glib-tongued, short but chubby fellow who has reportedly been targeting domestic workers for years, was reportedly able to convince them to go for an interview and an ocular inspection of his flat.

They said he sometimes advertised his supposed need for a domestic helper to look after his two children. In at least one offer he made last year, the salary was $5,500. For part-timers, he offered $300 per hour just for babysitting.

Once inside the flat, he would then tell them his intention is to find a girlfriend. Unfortunately, some of the women fell for the suspected predator’s sweet talk, got hooked up with him and ended up pregnant.

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Others resisted but said they found the man too physically strong to fight off and ended being raped, they confided to friends and support groups.

But they did not have the courage to file a formal complaint with the police reportedly because of the scandal and stigma that came with coming out in the open.

PathFinders Limited, a nongovernmental group championing the rights of migrant domestic workers who had fallen prey to predatory men, brought up with police the sinister activity of the Hang Hau man in April, said its chief executive, Catherine Gurtin.  


Gurtin said the NGO met with the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Hong Kong Police about the alleged rape cases.

The authorities could not act as there were no witnesses as the alleged offenses took place in the confines of a private home, Gurtin said.

Gurtin says police could not act on the complaints as there were no witnesses, no evidence

She said police could not build a case based on a "he said, she said" situation without any hard evidence to prove that rape indeed took place. 


“It is very difficult to prove what we know about what he is doing,” Gurtin said about the alleged rape incidents. She said it would have been easier to pin down man had the offenses been financial, as there would be a paper trail that the police could follow.

In one case, the alleged victim said she loved the man and believed he loved her, too. He sired a child who he did not acknowledge as his, so, PathFinders found it difficult to file for child support. Both mother and child are now in the Philippines, Gurtin said.

The Consulate said it was approached by three alleged victims of the man several months ago, but the women have not returned since, according to Consul Paulo Saret, head of the assistance to nationals section.


The women had told him they had reported to the police before they came to see him and he said it was the right thing to do.

But Saret admitted that, as the women were alleging a private crime, it would be their word against the suspect’s word, and it would be difficult for the police to build a case.

“What we can only do so far is to warn our women to avoid men who invite them to their homes because when a man and a woman are together, anything is possible,” he said.

Saret says the Consulate has warned Filipinas not to go with a man alone to his house

He said that, in fact, before he was posted in Hong Kong, the ATN had already issued a warning about the same man and his modus but the police could not grab him because the police reportedly said the women had agreed to go with him to his house.

Many Filipinas living in Tseung Kwan O district who are very familiar with the alleged predator have warned their friends and fellow migrant workers to beware of him.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

They commented on a DWC post carrying his photos and screenshots of his messages that he would approach Filipinas in the malls, saying he had businesses in Cebu. His yarn was, he was in need of a helper, as the current one had finished her contract.

Hala! Na-meet ko yan one time sa escalator, nasundan nya ako tapos sabi uuwi daw helper nya, medyo nasa 30-plus pa edad nya, medyo chubby,” said one helper.

(Whoa! I met him one time on the escalator. He followed me, then said that his helper was about to go home. He’s in his 30s, a bit chubby.)

Naibigay ko ang number ko sa kanya, ire-refer ko sana ang kaibigan kong nasa Pinas, kaso nanligaw at nagmamayabang pa na madami daw siyang business. Sabi ko, ‘Well, good luck sa business mo,’ tapos block ko na siya sa aking phone,” she said.

(I gave him my number as I wanted to refer a friend who was in the Philippines. But he started courting me, and bragged that he had a lot of businesses. So I said, good luck with your businesses, then blocked him on my phone).

One suggested that whoever encounters that guy should take his photo so they could see if he is one and the same man and find out why he was preying only on Filipinas.

However, another commenter said the alleged culprit was also preying on Indonesian women.

Another helper said she had encountered the suspect twice in Tseung Kwan O and she was able to warn a would-be target of his evil deeds before they could meet up.


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