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Alleged sex fiend ‘stole jewelry, cash’ from 2 latest victims

30 December 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Mr Hang Hau's photo posted on FB, along with a warning to women to avoid him

Two new alleged victims of “Mr Hang Hau,” a man in Tseung Kwan O who reportedly lures mostly Filipina helpers with a job offer to take them to bed by force or persuasion, came out last week, with one saying he also stole her jewelry and cash.

The victims reported their encounters with the alleged predator to Rodelia P. Villar, founder of the Facebook group Domestic Workers Corner, who has been helping women conned by the suspect bring their cases to the attention of the authorities.


DWC has also endorsed women who claim to have been left pregnant by Mr Hang Hau to non-governmental organization PathFinders Limited for assistance.

Villar said the two latest victims were snared by the predator in November, before his exploits and photo were published by The SUN Hong Kong to warn migrant women workers about him.

In his latest capers, the man reportedly introduced himself as Martin to Filipina helper he approached mostly at Hang Hau MTR Station and in other train stations, podiums and parks in Tseung Kwan O and Kowloon.

The other names he uses are Gordon, Mr Poon, Yara, Kenny, or Achilles. Some women who he tried to bamboozle simply call him “Doraemon.”

Pindutin para sa detalye

“November victims sila. Saka lang nila nalaman nang na-post ng The SUN. Nanakawan ng alahas at pera yung isa,” Villar said. (They were victimized in November. They just realized this when The SUN posted about the man. One of them lost money and jewelry to the man).

Villar said the two women had yet to complain to the police.

Press for details

She did not disclose how the two were lured by the man to his flat in Oscar By the Sea, a relatively new development between Tseung Kwan O and Hang Hau.

But victims and would-be victims of the scammer said his modus operandi was the same.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

He approaches the helpers, pretending to be looking for a jobseeker who might be interested to work for him, and offers an above-minimum salary of $5,500.

Once he finds a taker, he would allegedly ask the woman to go with him to his flat for an “interview”, then sweet-talks them into going to bed with him, or forces them if the victims don’t cooperate.


Villar said just two weeks ago, nine victims who the man got pregnant surfaced and sought DWC’s help in pursuing him for support, or at least to acknowledge paternity.

PathFinder's Gurtin says it's difficult to establish paternity in the cases

PathFinders is helping the women on this aspect, although its chief executive, Catherine Gurtin, has said the predator is hard to pin down over the issue of alimony if he doesn’t acknowledge the child is his, or if he doesn’t come out at all, as is the case at present.

When contacted about the man’s forages, Hong Kong police said the alleged victims should file formal complaints detailing how they were deceived by the suspect so that they can take action. They said they view such activity as “very serious allegations”.

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The police also advised women not to go the man’s house, and if they are in an emergency situation, to call 999 for help.

The same advice was given by the Consulate’s assistance to nationals section. Consul Paulo Saret, ATN head, the Filipina workers should be wary if a stranger invites them to his flat, as anything can happen.

Even if they were raped, it would be hard to prove the offense because of a lack of witness. He said the best thing to do is not to go alone to a stranger’s house, even if it’s for a supposed job interview.

Mr Hang Hau’s alleged latest victims emerged just as two other Filipinas who claimed they were impregnated by another local man, a Mr Tsang, also shared with DWC their experiences now that they have lost contact with the lover they met on a dating site.

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