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FDW found with coronavirus after elderly ward dies, then also tests positive

11 February 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap

QE said in a statement tonight that antibodies were found in the elderly patient's blood samples

A foreign domestic worker tested preliminary positive for Covid-19 yesterday, two days after her 84-year-old male ward passed away at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and was moved to the mortuary where he was subsequently found infected as well. 

The helper’s deceased ward among the 21 new Covid-19 cases reported today, Feb 11.

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According to Dr Lau Ka-hin a chief manager at the Hospital Authority, the test result of the helper, who was seen at the accident and emergency unit of QE Hospital at 1am on Feb 10, promoted the HA to alert Kwai Chung mortuary. A test on samples taken from the deceased showed he also had the disease.

Lau said the elderly patient fainted at home on Feb 9, and was rushed to QE where he was intubated and CPR was conducted.  He died at 12:15 on the same day, and his body was sent to the mortuary.

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“In this particular case, the doctor made an assessment after resuscitation. He (patient)  had fever, and she (doctor) did not tell us that there were upper respiratory tract symptoms earlier. So according to the assessment, no test for Covid-19 was made,” said Lau.

Lau says HA was prompted to test samples from the deceased after his helper was found infected

A statement released by the HA tonight said antibodies were present in the blood specimens taken from the elderly patient on Feb.8, "hence no staff or patients were idenfitied as close contacts."

No medical staff was classified as close contact because everyone who attended to the patient wore proper PPE.


Another confirmed patient who died in the past 24 hours was a 75-year-old woman who succumbed to the illness at Caritas Medical Centre where she had been confined since Jan 22. 

Lau said the patient was found infected after being identified as a close contact of a family member who tested positive for Covid-19 earlier. Her death brought the fatality toll in public hospitals to 185.


Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan from the Centre for Health Protection said of the new cases, four were imported, comprising two FDWs from the Philippines, and two returnees from Albania (via Turkey), and India.

One Filipina tested positive on arrival, the other on her 12th day in quarantine

One of the Filipinas, who is 39 years old, tested positive on arrival in Hong Kong after flying in aboard a Cebu Pacific flight 5J 272 on Jan. 9. The other, who is 40, arrived via Philippine Airlines flight PR 300 on Jan 28 and tested positive on her second test on the 12th day of her quarantine.

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Of the 17 local cases, seven were untraceable. All residents in the buildings where they live were immediately ordered to undergo tests, except for those in one which was already under compulsory testing.

More than 10 preliminary positive cases were also recorded.

Chuang was asked by reporters about two patients who were found to have gone to the flower market before being confirmed as positive cases yesterday. The reporters wanted to know if the CHP had done contact tracing and whether the other visitors at the flower market were put at risk by the patients’ visit.

Chuang said the two patients had links to previous infections, so it was not likely they caught the virus in the flower market, or had contaminated other people there. Still, she said the CHP had already told people they had come into contact with to get tested if they feel unwell.

Hong Kong’s overall Covid-19 tally is now 10,732. Of these patients, 413 are still being treated in 22 public hospitals and the facility at AsiaWorld-Expo. Among them, 21 are in critical condition, 19 are serious, and 373 are stable.





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