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Two Thai DHs jailed 6 weeks for working in massage parlor

12 February 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The 2 were sentenced in Kowloon City court

Two Thai female domestic workers were jailed for six weeks on Feb 10, by a Kowloon City magistrate for working part-time as masseuses in a salon in the district.

Defendants Natthaya Wetcharat, 30, and Nichaphat Khanhuathon, 25, were meted the discounted sentences by Magistrate Cheng Lim-chi after they each pleaded guilty to a count “breach of condition of stay.”

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The Thai salon manager who employed the two women was also prosecuted for hiring illegal workers and running a business establishment in violation of anti-Covid 19 restrictions. But her case was adjourned to Mar 25 as her lawyer was still awaiting documents from the prosecution.

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The two helpers and the salon manager were arrested during a raid by a police special duties team at 6:20pm on Feb 8 on the “Enjoy Thai Massage” establishment in Shun King Bldg at 33-35 TaK Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City.

The 2 were working in 'Enjoy Thai Massage' parlor

The prosecution said two officers posing as customers went to the salon and asked for a body massage. They were told a one-hour service cost $200, so both officers agreed and Wetcharat and Khanhuathon began servicing them.


The first officer suddenly identified himself and asked to check the passport of Wetcharat. He discovered she had a domestic worker visa issued by Immigration on Dec 16 last year.

The other officer also checked the passport of Khanhuathon and found out she was also a domestic helper with a visa issued by Immigration on Dec 30 last year.

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Both helpers and the salon manager, Suphanni Hongprasoet, taken to the Kowloon City Police Station for questioning after their arrest. The manager was later released on police bail but the two masseuses were held without bail.


The prosecutor said the two women had clear records.

The duty lawyer assigned to the two defendants told the magistrate his clients admitted working part-time as masseuses because they wanted to augment their monthly salary of $4,520 as domestic helpers.

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He said one of his clients was supporting her parents while the other defendant has two children who rely on her support.




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