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55-year-old woman dies of stroke 3 days after getting Sinovac jab

06 March 2021

By The SUN 

The woman died at Kwong Wah Hospital early this morning

The Hong Kong Health Department has reported the death from an “acute stroke” of a 55-year-old woman, days after receiving the Sinovac coronavirus jab.

In a statement issued today,  the DH said the woman had a history of chronic illnesses. She suffered a stroke yesterday, Mar 5, and was admitted to Caritas Medical Centre.

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She was later transferred to Kwong Wah Hospital where she had a cardiac arrest and passed away early this morning.

The woman received her Covid jab at the Kwun Chung Sports Centre on Tuesday.

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A co-convenor of the expert panel looking at possible side-effects from Covid vaccination, Ivan Hung, has said the deceased had high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol.

He said the mass vaccination which kicked off two weeks ago should continue since they don’t know if the woman’s death was related to her having received the Sinovac jab.


He revealed 17 of around 61,500 people who had the Sinovac jab in the first week had experienced serious side effects, but most have recovered and people have no cause to worry.

Hung said the experts panel will discuss the case on Monday.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Earlier, the panel ruled out a connection between the death of a 63-year-old man from an apparent heart attack and his having been vaccinated with Sinovac earlier.

The man, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, was reportedly found with clogged arteries after he died, but the panel is still looking into the exact cause of death.

Dr Chan admits fewer people are booking for a jab after the man's reported death 

Separately, Health Secretary Dr Sophia Chan admitted in a press interview that the number of people applying to get the vaccine has dropped “a little bit” after the man’s death.

“There’s still bookings everyday, but it has slowed down a little bit and we understand the situation,” Chan said. “The public wants to understand the situation a little bit more.”

Government figures show that the number of those who booked online for a jab dropped from a peak of 18,000 on Tuesday to around 6,000 Friday. 

Chan urged anyone with health issues and are unsure about vaccination to consult their doctor.


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