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Chief Executive gets second Sinovac jab, blasts vaccine bashers

22 March 2021

CE takes her 2nd dose, then flashes the V sign

By The SUN

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has blasted at the spread of false information about Sinovac’s Covid-19 vaccine Monday, shortly after receiving her second dose.

Mrs Lam singled out medical professionals who she said have been smearing the Sinovac jab.

“I would condemn a very small minority of people who try to sabotage our efforts,” she said at a press briefing.  “They are spreading fake news, misinformation and rumors on social media and through other means especially when these people are health professionals.”

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She added she was “extremely disappointed” because if another major outbreak of the virus happens in Hong Kong again, the people who will suffer the most are healthcare professionals.

Those who took their second dose of the Sinovac jab at the same time were Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung and Health Secretary Sophia Chan.

Secretary Cheung does his part to promote vaccination

The city’s top officials took their first dose a month ago, in a show of support for the government’s vaccination program.

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Lam flashed a V-sign to reporters after her jab, and also showed a certificate indicating she is now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus that has killed 2.71 million across the globe since it emerged in Wuhan, China, in late 2019.

She said she did not feel any pain but had cleared her diary for the entire day even as she worked from the office, as experts have warned that the second dose could bring more side-effects than the first shot.

She also said around 350,000 people in Hong Kong have already taken the vaccine, representing 5.3% of all those aged 16 and above, who are qualified for the vaccination.


The top leader also said health authorities are looking at procuring a fourth type of Covid-19 vaccine for Hong Kong, which would boost the city’s supply to 30 million doses.

She said the government will continue to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

Health Secretary Sophia Chan also gets her booster shot

Meanwhile, a government statement revealed that more people are choosing the BioNTech jab rather than the one from Sinovac.


The statement said around 23,800 people had their first Covid jab Sunday, with about 62% opting to get BioNTech and 38% the Sinovac. The takeup rate was also higher for BioNTech, with 93% showing up for their appointments, and 82% for Sinovac.

But of a total of 354,400 people who have taken the shot, about 2/3 received Sinovac, and 1/3 BioNTech.

A third vaccine from AstraZeneca/University of Oxford is due to arrive later this year.


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