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PCG, Mission call on Filipinos in HK to get vaccinated

18 March 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

PCG officers and staff show support for Hong Kong's vaccination program

The Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong has pitched vaccination for Filipinos in Hong Kong as a way to help the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

The same call was issued today, Mar 18, by the Mission for Migrant Workers, the longest serving support organization for overseas Filipino workers.

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In a Facebook post, Consul Bob Quintin said all staff at the Consulate had their first dose of a vaccine under the Hong Kong government’s vaccination program.

Consul General Raly Tejada said he welcomed the Hong Kong government’s move to include foreign domestic workers in the priority list for the vaccine.

“I am heartened that the opportunity has been made available to one of the more vulnerable sectors of Hong Kong’s society,” he said.

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“Vaccination is a good option when one is healthy and has no underlying medical condition. However, for those with underlying conditions, it is best to first consult a doctor and seek professional advice.”

Cynthia Tellez, general manager of the Mission, echoed the call, especially amid widespread fear among migrant workers that the vaccine would cause them harm, even death.


Some FDWs have even commented on social media that they would rather be terminated than be forced by their employers to take the jab. This appears to have already happened, with one employer saying in a post on a newspaper site, “I just had to fire one of my helpers as she refused to get vaccinated.”

When asked if employers have the right to terminate a helper who refuse to abide by their order to get inoculated, Tellez said that problem should not even arise because everyone must do their part to help contain the spread of the virus in the community.


Ang lagi kong sinasabi, alam ninyo, samantalahin ninyo ang pagkakataon na ito. Libre na ang bakuna, magiging mas ligtas ka pa,” she said. (You know, you should take advantage of this chance. The vaccine is free, and gives you better protection).

To those who fear that getting the vaccine could have serious medical consequences, she said she reminds the doubter about how they were vaccinated when they were young against many other illnesses which are not even as deadly as Covid-19, like polio, tuberculosis, mumps and rubella.


Ang sabi ko, noong mga sanggol o bata sila ay binakunahan din sila, at walang namang naging masamang epekto. Sa halip, nakatulong iyon para makaiwas sila sa mga malalang sakit.” (I tell them, when they were babies or small kids they also had vaccines, and did not suffer any adverse consequences. In fact, that helped them avoid acquiring any serious illnesses).

Tellez says migrant workers should decide on their own to get the vaccine

If, on the other hand, it is their employer that does not want them vaccinated, Tellez said the worker should just make the appointment herself, and get the jab on her day off.

What everyone should bear in mind, she said, is that the vaccine protects not only the individual, but everyone around her or him. “The employer should be thankful that the migrant worker is doing the right thing in protecting everyone in their household," she said.

Quintin echoes the advice. “Wala pong dapat ikatakot dito. Kung mayroon kayong mga agam-agam hinggil sa bakuna, maigi pong sumangguni sa inyong doktor upang mabigyan ng tamang payo,” he said. (You have no reason to fear. If you have concerns about the vaccine, you should consult your doctor so you can be given proper advice).

Sa pangkalahatan, hinihikayat ko po kayong magpabakuna laban sa COVID-19, alang-alang sa inyong kalusugan at sa kaligtasan ng pamayanan. Sa ganitong paraan, makakatulong po tayo sa muling pagbabalik ng normal na pamumuhay nating lahat.”

(Overall, I appeal to you to get vaccinated against Covid-19, for your own well-being, and the safety of everyone. In this manner, we would be able to help get our lives back to normal).

Still, Filipinos were reminded that vaccination remains voluntary. Thus, neither the Hong Kong  nor the Philippine government is attaching any special privilege just yet to anyone who willingly gets the jab.

ConGen Tejada said this means that the apparently growing concern among Filipino migrants that they will not be able to be allowed into the Philippines, or re-enter Hong Kong if they haven’t been vaccinated, is far from true.

“It is status quo,” he said, adding that vaccination will not give anyone any special privilege, like skipping Hong Kong’s rigid 21-day hotel quarantine for all new arrivals.

Two recent arrivals from the Philippines are included in today's Covid-19 cases

The statements of assurance came as Hong Kong reported 10 new confirmed cases of Covid-19, four of them imported, including two Filipina domestic workers.

One of the Filipinas is 26 years old and arrived on Mar 16 via Philippine Airlines flight PR300. She tested positive at the airport. The other is 35 years old and tested positive on her 12th day in hotel quarantine. Both are asymptomatic.

The third case is a 44-year-old Indonesian domestic helper who was found infected at the airport. The fourth is a 26-year-old male resident who arrived in Pakistan, and tested positive on his second sample while in quarantine.

Of the six local cases, three had unknown sources, while the other three were linked to previous infections.

Among the untraceable cases is one involving a 15-year-old school boy, a 35-year-old female marketing manager and a 36-year-old male engineer. They all went for testing after developing symptoms like cough and cold, sore throat and loss of sense of smell.

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