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Sentencing of confessed rapist postponed to Apr 12

16 March 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The Filipino defendant will be sentenced at the High Court

A Hong Kong-born Filipino man who has pleaded guilty to a charge of raping a Filipina early last year in Lantau will be sentenced at the High Court on Apr 12, pending a psychologist’s report.

Mark Angelo Roxas admitted the rape charge last November in Eastern Court, and was scheduled to be sentenced Monday, Mar 15, in the Court of First Instance. 

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But Judge Douglas Yau in the Court of First Instance decided to postpone the sentencing after asking Roxas some questions which he said could have a bearing on the case.

In particular, the judge asked the defendant if he was related to the victim, and the defense lawyer said she is a cousin of the wife of Roxas’ brother. The judge replied that the victim was therefore an “in-law” of Roxas.

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Yau also asked whether Roxas’ family was capable of paying compensation to X, but his lawyer said no, especially since the pandemic has hit the family’s finances.

The lawyer said Roxas, who was earning only the equivalent of $7,500 at the time of the offence, was supporting his mother, his long-time partner and their son, who are in the Philippines. He was working in Macau at the time and only came to Hong Kong for visits.


In fact, the lawyer said Roxas’ mother wanted to come to Hong Kong for the hearing but couldn’t afford to travel.

Judge Yau remanded the defendant in custody until the sentencing.


Roxas admitted raping the victim on Jan 31 last year, following a party at her house in Lantau during which she served alcohol to her guests. Also at the party were the family members of Roxas’ brother and some friends.



At about 5am that day, Roxas went inside the victim’s unlocked bedroom and raped her as she lay sleeping on her bed. The woman followed Roxas outside afterwards and hit him with a frying pan while shouting for him to go away.

Roxas’ brother who was awakened by the noise got up and pursued the defendant as he fled. The brother then reported the incident to the police and the defendant was arrested.



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