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Stalking victim finds new employer, gets support from Consulate

09 March 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Consul Saret is endorsing the case to police for action

A Filipina domestic helper who was fired on the spot by her employer last Wednesday after her Indian stalker harassed and assaulted her in public at a kindergarten in Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O, has found a new employer.

The woman had two employers waiting to talk to her on the phone when she went to an employment agency last Saturday. The agency had heard about her case and was willing to help. Before noon, the helper had already signed a work contract with one of the employers.

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Her remaining concern is the Hong Kong police’s refusal to act on her complaint against her former  boyfriend who has been stalking, harassing and blackmailing her and smearing her family and 14-year-old daughter on Facebook.

On Monday afternoon, the 30-year-old Filipina met with Consul Paulo Saret, head of the assistance to nationals section of the Consulate, who expressed surprise that the police saw no merit in her complaint, and ignored the bruise she sustained on her left arm when the man had grabbed her. 

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Consul Saret listened to the woman’s narration then let her write a letter stating her complaint on an ATN form. He said he would write a note to the police VIP liaison endorsing the victim’s letter complaint for police action.

The helper told Saret the stalker had been harassing her and verbally abusing her since she stopped giving him money and refused to take out a $60,000 bank loan for him. She said she given money regularly to the man for over a year out of fear.


When she broke off all communications with him last week on the advice of groups she consulted out of desperation, he warned her she could not escape from him and threatened to ruin her and her family, the Filipina said.

The Filipina was terminated on the spot after her stalker created a scene at her ward's school

Social Welfare Attaché Lucita Villanueva also met with the woman and advised her on how to handle the situation, to focus on her job and her children and shut out her tormentor.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old recognizance holder, a status that prevents him from deportation pending resolution of his torture claim, seems to have been emboldened by the police inaction.


Over the weekend, he created clone Facebook accounts of the helper, her former live-in partner and their teenaged daughter and posted their pictures on the faked pages with malicious captions.

On the helper’s bogus account, the man depicts the mother as offering her daughter for sex to any interested man. He made similar suggestions on the fake account of the daughter. 


On Saturday, the stalker created another FB account in the name of the victim’s ex-partner and posted his photo with the child with a caption in which the father was purportedly saying he was having great sex with his daughter.

Officers at the complaints desks of the Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai police stations, who were shown the fake FB accounts, told the woman they could not do anything because the man’s nasty and lurid posts did not measure up to a cyber crime.

The officers only repeated the advice given her by well-meaning groups not to talk to him again, change her phone number, block the man from her phone and from the FB account, tell her relatives to do the same, and to report the matter to Facebook.

Early on, police in Tseung Kwan O who responded to the commotion caused by man at the kindergarten school dismissed the incident as a “financial dispute” after listening to the harasser and the woman’s male employer.

The stalker had apparently told the police that it was the Filipina who owed her a lot of money, that was why he was after her.



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