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Stalking victim gets help from human rights lawyer, NGO

11 March 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The Filipina will finally get to tell the police about her ordeal

A human rights lawyer and a nongovernmental organization devoted to restoring dignity to exploited women have come to the aid of a Filipina domestic worker who claims to be a victim of stalking, harassment and cyber bullying by her former boyfriend.

 Also this evening, the Hong Kong Police contacted the Filipina victim and asked her to go to the station to make a statement about the alleged assault. Officers in two police stations previously declined to interview her, and merely advised her to cut off all ties to her former lover.

Pindutin para sa detalye

The call came two days after the Consulate met with the victim and promised to endorse her case to the police VIP liaison for action.

Earlier on Thursday, Mar 11, the 30-year-old Filipina met with rights advocate Patricia Ho, who assessed the case and mapped out possible courses of action to stop the man from tormenting her.

Call now!

The solicitor said among the steps that can be taken is to apply for an anti-harassment injunction from the court in the absence of a law in Hong Kong that could nail down the stalker.

“It seems to me that what you’re looking for now is an injunction… that stops him from harassing you. If you can get it, the effect of that is, if he breaches the injunction, you can call the police and he can be arrested for breaching (it) and he can be detained,” the lawyer said.


Ho said it’s not easy to get an injunction because in Hong Kong there is no clear anti-stalking or harassment law.

“But, it is doesn’t mean that the law allows it. There are some cases in Hong Kong that show that the court will consider granting injunction in harassment situations if there’s evidence that you can face harassment and harm that will have mental and physical impact on you,” she said.


The lawyer also suggested that the complainant see a counselor to ascertain whether she is suffering from anxiety or depression, and use the diagnosis as evidence to show the court that the harassment has a measurable impact on the victim.

Ho then referred the case to Hong Kong Dignity Institute so the NGO which she founded and is run by pro bono lawyers, could carry out a research on the mental impact of the ordeal on the victim, help her prepare a statement, and refer her to a law firm to follow up.

Ho is extending legal and emotional support to the Filipina 


Ho said she has a counselor at the HKDI who can help the victim cope with the stress that she is going through as a result of the harassment.


After the statement-taking, the victim went for a checkup at a public hospital so she could get a medical report as part of her evidence.

In the meantime, the helper’s tormentor continues to post photos of her daughter with indecent captions on newly created bogus Facebook accounts of the 14-year-old girl.



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