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Bus fares to go up from tomorrow, Apr 4

03 April 2021

By The SUN

Citybus and New World are allowed to raise fares this year and next

Bus fares across Hong Kong will rise between 8.5 percent and 9.8 percent tomorrow, with further increments taking effect from next year.


Citybus and New World First Bus, which mainly operate on Hong Kong island, will increase charges by 8.5 percent from tomorrow, and a further 3.2 percent taking effect on Jan 2, 2022. (For example, the fare for route no 10 from North Point Ferry to Kennedy Town, will go up from $3.70 to $4)


KMB, which mainly operates in Kowloon, will adjust fares also by 8.5 percent, but because of the mitigating effect of the Franchised Bus Toll Exemption Fund (TEF) the average fare increase of KMB's solely operated routes would only be 5.8 per cent.

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The New Lantao Bus Company will charge 9.8 percent more.

The new fares were approved by the Executive Council on Mar 16.

Govt says about 90% of riders will not pay more than $1 extra 

In a statement, the government said about 90 per cent of passengers will pay no more than $1 extra per trip. With the implementation of the second phase of fee increases by Citybus and New World next year, about 90 per cent of their passengers will pay no more than $1.50 extra per trip in total.

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The government also said the franchised bus operators have been facing severe financial difficulties because of the declining revenue in the wake of the pandemic, and rising operating costs.

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“It is of great importance to maintain the financial viability of the franchised bus operators for providing safe and quality public bus services, the government will continue to encourage and assist franchised bus operators to adopt a multi-pronged approach in the long run in implementing revenue-raising and expenditure-cutting measures,” the statement said.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong 

The public may check notices displayed at bus stops to find out how much they have to pay as a result of the increase. They may also visit the bus companies’ websites (, and for the new fares on individual routes.



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