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HK bans all passenger flights from Indonesia

23 June 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

HK imposed the ban after 6 Indonesian DHs arrived yesterday with the variant

Hong Kong tonight imposed a ban on all passenger flights from Indonesia, which will take effect from Friday, Jun 25.

A statement released by the government said that the ban was imposed after imported cases from Indonesia reached the threshold imposed by Hong Kong on all arriving passengers from abroad. found to carry a mutated strain of the coronavirus.


The move elevated Indonesia to the Group A1 category, or the “extremely high risk” places to which six other countries are included: India, Pakistan, Nepal, South African, Brazil and the Philippines.

Under the place-specific flight suspension mechanism announced by Hong Kong on May 4, if a total of five or more passengers from the same place were confirmed by arrival tests for Covid-19 with any of the N501Y mutant strains within a seven-day period, the ban is triggered.


A place-specific ban will also be imposed if a total of 10 or more passengers from the same country are confirmed to have the mutant strain by any tests, including during quarantine, within the same week-long period.

On Monday, six Indonesian domestic helpers aboard the Indonesian flag carrier, Garuda Airlines, were found positive for Covid-19 shortly after arriving in Hong Kong. 


Four tested positive on arrival test, and were also found to carry the variant. The two others were found infected on the same day after being taken to Penny's Bay quarantine center. Staff at the Centre for Health Protection said earlier today confirmatory tests on the two were still being carried out.

The announcement today indicates at least one or both of the two remaining passengers were found to have the mutant strain.

Garuda was also suspended from flying to Hong Kong for two weeks starting from today in line with flight-specific restrictions which is triggered when at least three passengers from any flight test positive for Covid-19 on arrival.

Earlier today, another Indonesian DH was also found to carry the same mutant strain, two days after arriving aboard a Cathay Pacific plane from Surabaya.


Indonesia has been experiencing a surge in coronavirus infections, with 14,535 cases being recorded on Monday, the country's highest one-day total. The country has the third-highest number of cases in Asia after India and Iran.

Despite this, Hong Kong relegated it first, to the "high risk" category, which allowed passengers from the country to quarantine for only 14 days if vaccinated. Then, just eight days ago, it was downgraded to the "very high risk" group, along with Ireland, which requires a 21-day hotel quarantine for anyone arriving in Hong Kong from there, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Details on the grouping of specified places and their respective boarding and compulsory quarantine requirements can be found at            

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