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2 imported cases reported, one fully vaccinated but has mutant strain

23 July 2021

By The SUN 

The resident who returned from Dubai was found to have the mutant virus

Two women who flew in from abroad on Monday, Jul 19, were both confirmed to have Covid-19 by the Centre for Health Protection in a statement issued today, Jul 23.

The first, who is 36 years old, flew in from the United Arab Emirates and tested positive for the L452R mutant strain of the coronavirus commonly linked to the Delta variant, according to staff of the CHP.


The woman told investigators she received two doses of the BioNTech vaccine in Hong Kong on May 9 and Jun 5. She was asymptomatic.

The second case involves a 21-year-old foreign domestic worker from Bangladesh whose test result for detecting mutated virus is still pending.

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She was also asymptomatic and like the first patient, tested positive on her third day in hotel quarantine.

The two took Hong Kong’s number of confirmed cases to 11,973.

The experts say it's too early to talk of booster shots in HK (file)

Earlier, health experts said it was too early to decide whether a third dose of a Covid vaccine should be given to those who have already completed their two doses, as only about 40% of qualified residents in Hong Kong have received even a first jab.


Lau Yu-lung, who chairs a scientific committee that advises the government on its vaccination program, said during a press conference last night that members will consider the matter when more data becomes available in a few months’ time.


Lau asked if Hong Kong should even talk about getting a booster shot when a lot of people in less-developed countries have no access to any coronavirus vaccine.


HP's controller Ronald Lam, who also sits with the committee, urged people to get flu jabs when they become available in October, citing studies that show that getting the flu at the same time as Covid-19 could result in serious consequences, even death.

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However another expert, David Hui, reminded people to wait at least two weeks in-between doses of a flu and a Covid-19 vaccine to avoid possibly severe side effects.

"You can imagine when you have two [types of] vaccines at the same time. Naturally you'll have more side effects, like fever, fatigue, et cetera... and the same study also has shown that co-administration of the two vaccines might reduce the antibodies level of the Novavax Covid-19 vaccine." Hui said.

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