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Filipina jailed 5 months for overstaying faces more charges for hiding identity

19 July 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The accused gave police a false identity and claimed to have come as a domestic worker

A Filipina tourist who kept police guessing about her true identity was sentenced today, July 19, to five months in jail after she pleaded guilty to overstaying her visa for more than seven years.

The defendant, Virginia M. Nasayao, 56, still faces four other charges relating to her having lied to Hong Kong authorities about her identity, giving false information and theft, the prosecution told Eastern Court.


But it was for the fifth charge of overstaying that she was sentenced by Magistrate Daniel Tang.

According to the charge, Nasayao was spotted on Feb 10 this year by an anti-crime patrol of the Eastern District Police as resembling one of the culprits in a theft case committed at the rear lane of 67 Java Road, North Point.

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When stopped, she failed to show any valid proof of identity. But she gave police a false name and date of birth.

During police interview, the defendant claimed she came to Hong Kong from abroad to work as a domestic helper in 2013. She said her contract ended in 2015 but she did not move to another employer and had since remained in Hong Kong, the prosecution said.


However during a computer-assisted palm and fingerprint identification done by the police as well as a check with the Registration of Persons no record in the name she gave was found. 

Pressed further, she provided a copy of her Philippine passport that identified her as “Virginia Moratalla Nasayao.”

An Immigration check of her document showed she came to Hong Kong on Jan 14, 2014 as a visitor and was permitted to stay only until Feb 1, 2014, the prosecution said. That prompted the overstaying charge.

Nasayao has been in custody since her arrest in February and will have served out her five-month sentence by August.

But the prosecutor said the Filipina is still being investigated on the false information she gave about her identity and date of birth, and may be charged for other offences. 



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