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Employers of FDHs from Phl & Indo to each pay $16.8k for quarantine

26 August 2021

 By Daisy CL Mandap 

FDHs vaccinated in the Philippines and Indonesia may start coming in on Monday

Hong Kong has officially confirmed that foreign domestic helpers who were fully vaccinated in Indonesia or the Philippines may start coming in from Monday, Aug 30.

However, they will have to fight for space, at least initially, in the 409-room Silka hotel in Tsuen Wan, for which their employers will each have to pay $16,800 for their 21-day quarantine. 

Previously, budget quarantine hotels such as Silka offered as low as $300-$500 per night for arriving travelers in Hong Kong.

In a statement released earlier today, the Hong Kong government said it has reached agreements with the Philippines and Indonesia on a bilateral recognition of vaccination records.


“Starting on August 30, FDHs who were fully vaccinated in these two countries may come to work in Hong Kong. They must present a vaccination record that has been affirmed by the relevant authorities of these two countries and undergo compulsory quarantine in a designated quarantine facility (DQF) after arriving in Hong Kong."

Attached to the statement are the recognized vaccination records, the so-called yellow card issued by the Bureau of Quarantine in the Philippines:,

Only this yellow card will be accepted for entry by those who were jabbed in Phl

and a blue-colored one issued by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia (

The statement also confirmed Silka hotel in Tsuen Wan as the only DQH for the arriving FDHs, and stating its daily full-board rate as $800 per day. (

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To ensure a smooth passage to Hong Kong, all FDHs fully vaccinated from the Philippines and Indonesia must present the following documents before boarding their flights: 

(a)    a recognised vaccination record issued by the Indonesian or Philippine authorities. Records in other formats will not be accepted; 

(b)   a valid employment visa for FDHs issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong;


(c)    negative result proof of a polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid test (RT-PCR) for Covid-19 specimen collected within 72 hours before the scheduled time of departure, and 

(d) confirmation of room reservation at a DQF for not less than 21 nights starting from the day of arrival in Hong Kong.

The statement also said that to ensure that the entry of the workers is resumed in a gradual and orderly manner, only one DQF has been assigned for use by the qualified workers for now.

However, “depending on demand and developments of the pandemic, the government plans to gradually increase the number of DQF rooms in the future,” said the statement.

Silka Tsuen Wan is the only designated quarantine for FDHs so far
It also instructed employers and employment agencies to reserve rooms for the FDHs through email ( starting tomorrow, Aug 27.

“The hotel will adjust the number of rooms open for reservation each day having regard to the overall booking situation. The hotel will confirm with the persons making the reservation individually and arrange for them to complete the relevant procedures upon receipt of their bookings,” added the statement.

“Please visit the hotel website for details ( During room booking, the DQF will ask the person making the reservation to provide the FDH's passport copy, valid employment visa and recognised vaccination record to verify the identity of the FDH and confirm the authenticity of the vaccination record. FDHs will also need to provide the above documents for verification when they check into the facility."

Employers and the agencies were advised not to book air tickets for their FDHs until they have secured rooms in Silka hotel. FDHs booked with other designated quarantine hotels by mistake will not be allowed to board flights for Hong Kong.

Employers and agencies are also warned to check the vaccination records provided by the FDHs to ensure they are genuine. Any worker found to have used a fake vaccination certificate will be sent to another quarantine facility and all the fees paid will not be refunded.

In addition, any FDH found to have knowingly or recklessly provided any information that is false or misleading (such as presenting a fake vaccination record) may be prosecuted and fined up to $25,000 and imprisoned for up to six months.

In addition, Hong Kong will notify the concerned consulates-general and the FDH concerned may no longer be issued an employment visa by the Immigration Department in future.

As for FDHs fully vaccinated in Hong Kong, they have been allowed to come in starting Aug 20, and could spend their 21-day quarantine at any of the other DQHs as listed here: (

Fully vaccinated means they have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine at least 14 days before arriving in Hong Kong.

The relevant vaccines administered should be those included on the List of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognised for Specified Purposes: (

Travellers who have recovered from previous COVID-19 infection will be required to receive one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to be considered as fully vaccinated.
Any enquiries may be directed to the Labour Department through its hotline at 2717 1771 or by email to
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