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FDHs from Philippines,Indonesia will be allowed to quarantine at Penny’s Bay

31 August 2021

By The SUN 

FDHs who will quarantine at Penny's Bay will be charged around $500 per day

Chief Executive Carrie Lam says foreign domestic helpers arriving from the Philippines and Indonesia from next month will be allowed to spend their 21-day quarantine at Penny’s Bay camp.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Executive Council meeting, the CE Lam said that since there are no new local Covid-19 cases, the government-run quarantine facility can be used by the helpers who were vaccinated in their home countries.


But the accommodation will not be free. Lam said the 800 rooms at the camp will be available for use by the helpers at a cost of probably no more than $500 per room, with full meals.

But she said the charge will just cover the cost of running the facility.

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"It is a cost-recovery charge, preliminary calculation is no more than 500 dollars. If it is lower than 500, of course we will charge the lower level because we only aim to recover costs," Lam has been quoted as saying.

The accommodation will include full meals for 21 days

She said the government will continue to run the facility itself, even the taking of bookings from the helpers who would be checking in there in three weeks’ time.


"There is an abundance of work to be done, because we have to come up with a computer booking system. We will make use of the Civil Aid Service and other departments."

At present, Penny’s Bay is used to shelter close contacts of infected patients until they either test positive or finish their designated quarantine period.

FDHs who hold recognized vaccination records, on the other hand, are presently accommodated only at Silka Tsuen Wan hotel, which is said to be fully booked until early November.


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