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‘Re-positive case’ ends HK’s 58-day zero infection streak

05 August 2021

By The SUN 

The man was working as a welder in this address when he tested positive

The Centre for Health Protection has added the 43-year-old welder who tested preliminary positive for Covid-19 Monday in the list of six confirmed infections today, Aug 5, but said his is a “re-positive” case.

Although his infection is deemed to be an old one, he became the first local case to have been detected in nearly two months.


According to the CHP, the patient was asymptomatic but his deep-throat saliva sample collected during regular testing on Aug 2 tested preliminary positive with a high Ct value of 36-38, meaning he had a low viral load.

On admission to hospital the next day, he tested positive for antibody against Covid-19.

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Investigations revealed that he had tested negative through regular testing requirement since May this year.

“After examining the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory findings, this case is compatible with a re-positive case previously undiagnosed,” said the CHP statement.


As a precaution, the building where he resides was put under lockdown overnight, and all its residents compelled to undergo testing. No positive case was uncovered.

Two construction sites where the man worked and places he recently visited were also put under compulsory testing. Everyone who had been present at the designated places during the specified period need to undergo compulsory testing on or before Aug 6.

2 of the 5 imported cases were detected at the airport, the others during quarantine

Five imported cases were also detected today, raising Hong Kong’s total Covid-19 tally to 12,002 cases.

Four of them were found to carry a mutant strain of the coronavirus, while the test result of the fifth is still pending. Three were fully vaccinated.


Two, both females, tested positive on arrival: a 24-year-old from Ireland and a 35-year-old from Russia.

The woman from Ireland was fully vaccinated and carried the L452R mutant strain. The other woman was unvaccinated and her result for the variant test is pending.

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The three other patients, all men, tested positive while in hotel quarantine. Two of them, a 71-year-old who came from Cambodia and a 37-year-old from the United States, are both fully vaccinated, the first with AstraZeneca, and the other with BioNTech.

The third is a 16-year-old boy from Thailand who is unvaccinated and was found to carry the L452R mutant virus, like the man from the US. The man from Cambodia carried the N501Y mutant strain.

For the past two weeks until yesterday, a total of 26 Covid-19 cases had been reported, and all were classified as imported.


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