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Residents and FDHs from Phl can enter HK starting Monday, but only if vaccinated here

06 August 2021

 By Daisy CL Mandap


Only those who were vaccinated in HK before flying to Manila will be allowed to enter on Aug 9

Only residents and foreign domestic helpers from “high-risk” countries who were fully vaccinated in Hong Kong or the mainland previously could return starting on Aug. 9

This was made clear in an advisory issued by the HK Labour Department today, Aug 6.

That means thousands of Filipino workers, mainly first-timers who have been waiting to enter Hong Kong since the flight ban on passenger flights on the Philippines was imposed on Apr 20, will still not be able to come in.


And although the press statement only mentioned FDHs, the updated restrictions that will take place starting Monday will also affect returning residents.

This is because of Hong Kong’s insistence on not accepting vaccination records obtained in places abroad that are not designated by the World Health Organization as “a stringent regulatory authority”.

Of those newly reclassified as “high -risk” or category A places, only the United Kingdom and Ireland enjoy this preferential status. All the other countries in this category – the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa and Brazil are not included.

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The announcement came as migrant workers group, Migrante International, held an online press conference that called on Hong Kong “to lift the entry ban to include FDWs (foreign domestic workers) without discrimination.”

Migrante Intl focused on problems caused to workers by the flight ban

Migrante also urged the Hong Kong government to ensure that the high cost of the 21-day hotel quarantine for incoming or returning FDWs will not give cause for employers to fire their contracted helpers.

Pindutin para sa detalye

According to the government, under the new measures announced on Aug. 2, “Hong Kong residents (including FDHs) who have completed their courses of vaccination and present recognized vaccination records will be allowed to board flights for Hong Kong. However, their vaccination records must be issued by a relevant authority in Hong Kong, the mainland, or “country where its national regulatory authority is designated by the World Health Organization as a stringent regulatory authority.”

For those who were vaccinated in the Philippines or elsewhere outside of Hong Kong or mainland China, the statement said the government is still discussing with relevant consulates-general on how to verify the authenticity of their vaccination records to allow them to come in.


But even if they are ultimately allowed to enter Hong Kong, FDHs who were vaccinated in their home countries will be segregated - quarantined in one or two still-unnamed hotels - for unexplained reason.

The government said it will separately announce the details after confirming the arrangements.

However, it reminded employers that they must pay for the costs of getting their helpers return to Hong Kong under the strict boarding and quarantine restrictions.That means, employers should shoulder the cost of their helper’s PCR-nucleic acid test prior to boarding, and pay for their 21-day hotel quarantine, as well as food allowance during that period.


In its press conference, Migrante Intl also assailed the Philippine government for not giving financial relief to the thousands of Hong Kong-bound workers who have been stranded in Manila for months because of the flight ban.

A stranded worker shares her woes at the Migrante press con

The group that has affiliates all over the world, also called on Philippine officials to ensure that workers who already have work visas for work abroad are given priority for vaccination, and for securing financial aid from the government.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

Recruitment agencies in the Philippines were also told off for collecting illegal and excessive fees from the workers, including making them pay for repeated medical examinations.

Several workers severely affected by the four-month travel ban were made to speak during the press conference to detail their woes, including being repeatedly terminated while waiting for flights to Hong Kong to reopen, and incurring huge loans to allow them to stay in Manila and pay for extra fees charged by their agencies.
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