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Singapore to allow HK travelers to enter quarantine-free

20 August 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap 

HK visitors may enter Singapore without quarantine from midnight tonight

Singapore has announced that it will allow all travelers from Hong Kong to skip quarantine when they fly in starting at 11:59 tonight, regardless of their vaccination status.

The announcement was made as both governments announced they would abandon a travel bubble plan, which would have allowed a reciprocal quarantine-free entry to each other’s residents.


Singapore will unilaterally open to visitors from Hong Kong, which is in category 1,” said the city state’s minister for transport, S Iswaran.

“Similar to visitors from other very low risk countries and regions like Mainland China (excluding Jiangsu province), New Zealand and Taiwan, visitors from Hong Kong will be allowed to enter Singapore with just an on-arrival test.”

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The new rules will also apply to visitors from Macau.

Singapore said the move is part of its new strategy of building a “Covid-resilient” nation, which entails relaxing anti-pandemic measures and allowing the virus to become part of a “new normal.”

Because of this policy shift, Hong Kong said it has decided to end talks on a travel bubble with Singapore.


Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Edward Yau said Singapore’s decision to change its strategy in combating the virus deviates from certain criteria the two governments had decided to adopt before agreeing on a travel bubble.

“As a result, we have to put a pause to this bilateral arrangement,” said Yau.

Yau (right, with Health Secretary Sophia Chan) confirms the end of travel bubble plan

But he added he was glad Singapore recognized the stable situation and “close to zero community outbreak” in Hong Kong and has thus decided unilaterally to give quarantine-free access to visitors from here.


Travelers from Singapore, on the other hand, can only enjoy the lowest quarantine period of 14 days if they are vaccinated when they enter Hong Kong. The compulsory isolation goes up to 21 days if they are unvaccinated.

In addition, they must present a negative result for a PCR test conducted within 72 hours before boarding, and get tested on arrival and four more during quarantine.

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This is in line with the boarding and quarantine requirements set for places designated as medium risk like Singapore.

Also in this category are Taiwan, Macau and the Mainland, and most other countries that are not among the 24 places listed as high-risk, from where only vaccinated residents can enter Hong Kong, and quarantine for 21 days.


The only country classified as low risk or category C is New Zealand, where travelers who visit Hong Kong can reduce their quarantine period to just seven days if they are vaccinated.

In a statement earlier today, Hong Kong clarified that its requirement for travelers to hold “recognized” vaccination records applies only to residents coming in from category A or high-risk countries.

For those arriving from medium to low risk countries, it is enough that they hold vaccination records issued “by the relevant authorities or relevant institutions where the vaccines were administered.”

"For high-risk Group A specified places, Hong Kong residents are currently required to hold recognized vaccination records for boarding flights for Hong Kong, and they must undergo compulsory quarantine in designated quarantine hotels for 21 days upon arrival at Hong Kong. The relevant requirements remain unchanged," said the statement.

The footnote said the “recognized vaccination records” include those issued by Hong Kong, Mainland or Macau authorities; those by countries designated by the World Health Organization as having a stringent regulatory authority; or those with a bilateral vaccination record recognition agreement with Hong Kong.


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