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15 DB residents fined $5k each for ignoring compulsory testing notice

03 September 2021

By The SUN

Sunrise in DB was put under compulsory testing notice on Aug 28

The government has warned the public to obey compulsory testing notices to avoid paying a fixed fine or face charges and higher penalties.

The advice came after 15 persons residing at Sunrise, 3 Parkridge Crescent in Discovery Bay were each issued fixed penalties of $5,000 for failing to comply with a compulsory testing notice issued late on Aug. 28.

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At the same time, they were issued with a compulsory testing order, requiring them to undergo testing within a specified period, or face prosecution and a possible fine of up to $25,000 and imprisonment for a maximum period of six months.

According to a government statement, officers from the police, the Islands District Office, the Department of Health and the Auxiliary Medical Service conducted an enforcement operation at the building between 7am and 11am today, Sept 3.


During the operation, around 125 persons were asked to show proof of that they had complied with the testing notice by showing SMS notification received through a mobile phone or related certification containing the results of Covid-19 tests.

The fifteen people fined were adjudged to have violated the notice when they failed to show proofs of their test results.


“The government reiterates that the aim of issuing a compulsory testing notice is to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the community as soon as possible to protect overall public health and safety,” said the government statement.

“Persons subject to testing under a compulsory testing notice should, as far as reasonably practicable, take appropriate personal disease prevention measures, including wearing a mask and maintaining hand hygiene, and, unless for the purpose of undergoing the specified test, stay at their place of residence and avoid going out until the test result is ascertained as far as possible.”

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The order for residents of Sunrise to get tested was issued after a man who had lived there during the incubation period was confirmed to carry a mutant strain of the coronavirus on Aug 29.

The man had left for the United Kingdom on Aug 15 and returned to Hong Kong on Aug 25. He tested positive on his third day sample while in quarantine at Best Western Hotel in Causeway Bay.

He received two doses of the BioNTech vaccine in HK on Apr 13 and May 4.

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Anyone who had been at Sunrise at any time from Aug 4 to Aug 28, including residents, visitors and workers, was ordered to get tested by Aug 30.

As the case involved a mutant strain, everyone covered by the CTN were required to get tested, even those who are fully vaccinated.

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