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5M vaccination target for 2nd flat in lucky draw extended to Nov 30

21 September 2021

By The SUN 

A second flat worth $12 million could be raffled off it the vaccination rate goes up to 5M by Nov 30

The organizers of a lucky draw that recently awarded a brand-new flat to a vaccinated permanent resident have extended by two months the deadline for giving away another house, if at least five million Hong Kong people have received at least one jab.

At the same time, they announced additional prizes of 200 stored-value or credit cards loaded with $10,000 each to vaccinated people aged 70 and above. The move is meant to prod more elderly people to get vaccinated, as this segment of the population has the lowest vaccine uptake rate.

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Sino Group’s charity, Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Ltd and Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd announced today, Sept 21, that the registration for Phase 2 of its lucky draw has been extended until Nov. 30.

This means the previous deadline of Sept 30 has been extended for both the sign-up for the new prizes and the cut-off date for the 5 million targeted vaccinations, which given the continuing slide in the number of people applying for the jabs, is not likely to be achieved.


Latest figures from the government show that a total of 4.4 million people have taken at least one dose of the vaccine, with the daily booking figure dropping to just around 4,000 from the previous 30,000 to 40,000.

As announced earlier, the organizers will also give away 20 scholarships in the form of stored-value cards or credit cards loaded with $200,000 each to vaccinated Hong Kong residents aged 12 to 17. These will be drawn as originally scheduled on Oct 7, regardless of Hong Kong’s vaccination rate.


The new flat to be given away as the grand prize in Phase 2 of the lucky draw is said to cost $12 million, and is located in Grand Central, Kwun Tong.

This is the same estate where the first flat that was given away early this month, costing $10.8 million, is located. It was won by a 30-year-old chef surnamed Lee.


The organizers also raffled off 20 stored-value cards loaded with $100,000 each, and one of the winners was a Filipina domestic worker.

Grand-prize winner Lee is flanked by organizers' representatives in photo taken in Grand Central

Daryl Ng, NTFCF director, said a high vaccination rate would reduce the severe impact of the virus on Hong Kong’s population. Getting inoculated is the most effective way of steering the people out of the pandemic and back to normal life, he said.

“Given the tight supply of vaccines worldwide, the HKSAR Government has made tremendous efforts to provide sufficient quantity of Covid-19 vaccines to the public,” Ng said.

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He said the vaccination rate in August was very positive, prompting the sponsors to extend the registration for the grand prize of the lucky draw to give unvaccinated people, in particular the elderly, more time to consult medical experts for professional advice.

“I hope those who are vaccinated will encourage their relatives and friends to act. If the average vaccination rate per day can return to the August level, the goal to get 5 million or more of Hong Kong’s population vaccinated will be achieved soon,” Ng said.

To be eligible for the grand prize draw, participants must be fully vaccinated Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 and above. For the other prizes, even non-PRs can take part.

Eligible participants in the Phase 2 draw for the grand prize and additional prize can register from 9am on Oct 8 until 5:30pm on Nov 30, with details to be announced on the Lucky Draw website in due course. 

Winners will be randomly drawn on Dec 7 by a specialist computer system designed by Ernst & Young Advisory Services Ltd, an external service provider.

The result will be announced on the lucky draw website on the same day and will be published in local newspapers on Dec 13.  

Potential participants are advised to seek medical advice before vaccination, and book their vaccination appointments on For enquiries, participants can contact the dedicated Lucky Draw hotline 3697 9357 between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Sunday, or email

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