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Filipina DH wins $15k shopping vouchers in vaccination raffle draw

02 October 2021

By Daisy CL Mandap


The $50 vouchers are worth a total of $15,000

If it’s meant to be, you don't have to do much except cross your fingers. But first, you ask questions.

This was what happened to Armela de China (she swears the quaint name is her real name) who just recently won $15,000 worth of store vouchers in the vaccination lucky draw sponsored by Goodman, a global logistics and industrial property company based in Hong Kong.

When she first saw The SUN’s article on the raffle, Armela sent a private message immediately to ask if foreign domestic workers were qualified to join.

Call now!

Kasali po ba dito yung mga helper kasi parang nabasa ko na residents only lang,” she said. (Are helpers included because I seem to have read somewhere that this is for residents only).


When assured that the only lucky draw where FDWs were specifically left out was the one for the brand-new flat in Kwun Tong, she was overjoyed.

Pindutin para sa detalye

“Wooow, salamat!” she said.

And she did join, obviously, because the next time we heard from her, it was her saying that she won in the "goodshot Lucky Draw." 

Amela received this notification about her win from the organizers

She may not have bagged the brand-new Tesla worth $500,000 which was the top prize, but the $15,000 worth of vouchers at hana-musubi Japanese food shop which she received as one of four 5th-prize winners was not something to sneeze at, either.


Nanalo po ako, $15k na voucher” was her next message, which was accompanied by pictures of the pink-colored vouchers priced $50 each which were sent to her.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang Kwentong Dream Love

She didn’t reply anymore when we asked what she intended to do with her winnings, but it’s probably safe to assume she and her friends will be feasting on a lot of Japanese food in the next few weekends.

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