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Second batch of cash vouchers released to 5.5 million people today

01 October 2021

By The SUN 


One of the restaurants accepting voucher payments (RTHK)

Dozens of people queued up today, Oct. 1 at convenience stores, supermarkets and MTR stations to redeem their second consumption vouchers from the government, valued at either $2,000 or $3,000.

The $36-billion voucher scheme, which grants each qualified resident a total of $5,000 cash vouchers spread out in two or three installments, was introduced by the government to stimulate local spending, and help the economy recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan told reporters after visiting shops that the vouchers have helped lift retail sales in August, and also benefited people because they are socializing more after receiving the cash aid.

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But when asked if there is a chance of more cash handouts in future, Chan said it would all depend on how the economy would fare next year.

About 5.5 million eligible people who had completed their electronic registration received their second voucher today. About 17,000 others who had resubmitted paper registration forms between Aug 16 and Sept 15 after the government extended the deadline for their compliance also received their first voucher today.

As for those who were disbursed with the first consumption voucher on September 1, they will receive the second voucher on November 1.

Pindutin para sa detalye

All recipients will receive SMS notification or mobile app push notifications on the disbursement, according to a statement released today by the government.

They will get their voucher through any of the four stored value facility operators of their choice.

Those who chose AlipayHK, Tap & Go or WeChat Pay HK will each get $3,000 worth of vouchers. The amount will be credited separately from their existing e-wallet. To use the voucher when paying, they only need to open the app and press the indicated button.

Octopus users will have to wait for a third voucher to complete their $5k handout

Those who opted for Octopus will get another $2,000 voucher, with a third voucher for $1,000 being released on the 16th day of the succeeding month after the target spending had been achieved.


The government reminded recipients that the $3,000 second voucher has a validity period of three months. This will expire together with the first $2,000 voucher on December 31, meaning, whatever amount is left in them can no longer be used.

Those who chose to receive their vouchers via Octopus may collect the next $2,000 by tapping  their cards at subsidy collection points at MTR stations, LRT customer service centres, designated piers and public transport interchanges, convenience stores and supermarkets; Octopus Service Points; or via Octopus app within three months from today.

The voucher will be combined with the value stored in their Octopus cards, and they can pay for purchases as usual. The value of both the first and second voucher is $2,000.

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When the total "eligible spending" has reached $4,000 within the fourth to seventh month from the disbursement of the first voucher, the $1,000 third voucher will be disbursed on the 16th day of the following month after the target spending has been achieved. Thus, the earliest date that Octopus recipients could get their third voucher is on Dec 16.

Those who want to collect the vouchers via Octopus card at supermarkets or stores need not make any purchase when they tap their cards. However, they should inform staff when they want to collect the voucher.

Those who received their first voucher on Aug 1 should tap their Octopus cards no later than Oct 3 to get the money credited to their account.

The consumption vouchers can be used at most retail or service outlets or their online platforms which accept payments through the designated SVFs. But they cannot be used to pay for government levies, public utilities, public organizations such as hospitals and schools, donations, purchases from merchants located outside HK, person-to-person payments, or encashments.

The public may browse the apps and websites or call the following hotlines of the relevant SVF operators to enquire about how to use the vouchers, the value of the vouchers disbursed, unspent/uncollected voucher balance, expiry dates, etc.

     AlipayHK: 2245 3201
     Octopus: 2969 5500
     Tap & Go: 2888 0000
     WeChat Pay HK: 3929 1666

For other enquiries, visit the Consumption Voucher Scheme website:  or call the hotline 18 5000.


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