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Employer, son got infected by Indo DH linked to dance cluster, CHP says

08 January 2022

 by Daisy CL Mandap 

All those who went to Hins Cheung's concert on Jan 3 will be told to get tested

A woman and her 13-year-old son who live in Tai Po are among more than 30 preliminary positive cases for Covid-10 reported today, Jan 8, and both appear to have been infected by their Indonesian domestic helper.

This was disclosed by Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection in a press briefing today. She also expressed concern about the employer having attended the Hins Cheung concert with her husband on Jan 3.

Dr Chuang said the CHP is now looking into how many people were at the concert and all of them will be required to undergo compulsory testing.


The employer’s son, on the other hand, last attended his school in Taipo on Jan 5 and along with the rest of his family, was moved to Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre on Jan 7, where he tested positive at the same time as his mother.

The Indonesian helper, identified as Case No 12854, is suspected to have caught the coronavirus while attending services at Bethel House on Gordon Road in North Point. She was there from Dec 31 to Jan 3.

A fellow Indonesian helper who in turn caught the infection from her employer’s friend who visited them at home in Causeway Bay, was also at the church services on Jan 1 and 2.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Two other helpers who also attended the services were today confirmed as among the 37 new cases in Hong Kong, bringing the city’s total tally to 12,902.

Officials today started a campaign asking FDHs to help fight the spread of Covid-19

Of these, 30 were imported, six were import-related and one was categorized as local as the source of her infection could not be found. Sixteen were asymptomatic while the rest experienced symptoms.

Almost all, or 29 cases, involved mutant strains linked with Omicron, six test results were still pending, while two did not have sufficient specimen sample for testing.

The untraceable case involves a 58-year-old unvaccinated woman whose job required her to visit supermarkets and other stores to scan barcodes of goods. She felt unwell on Jan 6 with a sore throat, and tested positive in a home test.


She went to Ruttonjee Hospital on Jan 7 where her infection was confirmed, with a Ct. value of 17.7 indicating a heavy viral load, or that she was highly infectious. She had two mutant strains indicating she likely has Omicron.

Among the places she has visited are St Paul’s hospital in Causeway Bay, Wanchai indoor public market and the Lockhart Road wet market. All these places will be placed under a CTN.

Another untraceable infection was among the preliminary positive cases reported today. It involves a 39-year-old aircraft cleaner who tested negative on Jan 2 to 4. But after developing a fever on Jan 5 she went to North Lantau Hospital where she tested positive for Covid-19 with a heavy viral load.


Chuang said it was likely she caught the virus at work.

The six cases linked with imported cases include a 62-year-old woman who had a meal together with two previously confirmed cases at Moon Palace restaurant on Dec 27, a four-year-old girl whose father was previously infected, a 74-year-old male whose colleague is also a confirmed case, a 32-year-old woman who had contact with another patient on Jan 2, and the two Indonesian helpers aged 39 and 44.

Meanwhile, the CHP confirmed eight more Omicron cases, raising to 240 the total number of patients with the highly infectious variant found in Hong Kong.


The CHP reminded that everyone who had been to places where cases with mutant strains had lived or visited are required to undergo compulsory testing and undergo self-monitoring until the 21st day.

The details of the buildings and date of testing

In addition, the CHP announced that all those previously infected with Covid-19 and have met the discharge criteria may be allowed to undergo the additional 14-day compulsory isolation either at their home or other accommodation.

This is due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases with mutant strains and the corresponding increase in the demand for quarantine and isolation in government facilities such as Penny's Bay and the North Lantau Infection Control Centre.

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