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Health officials say 96 preliminary positive cases found in Yat Kwai house

22 January 2022

 By The SUN 

Two buildings in the Kwai Chung estate are currently under lockdown

Health officials have confirmed a mass outbreak of Covid-19 cases at two residential blocks in Kwai Chung Estate, with possibly more cases occurring at the nearby Tai Wo Hau Estate.

At the press briefing held today, Jan 22 by the Centre for Health Protection, it was revealed that a total of 96 cases have been found among residents, visitors and workers at Yat Kwai House alone. More cases were found in the nearby Ying Kwai building.

Both blocks are under a compulsory testing notice issued last night. Yat Kwai's CTN is set to last for five days while Ying Kwai's is supposed to be lifted at 7pm later today.

This raises the total infection toll in the estate to close to 130, as 20 other people, who were either residents, staff or visitors at Yat Kwai had tested positive for Covid-19. The infections are linked to an Omicron carrier who had visited garbage dumps in the estate.


Yesterday, health officials locked down Yat Kwai House in the estate for five days, saying they feared a mass outbreak after 20 Covid-19 cases, either positive or preliminary positive, were found.

According to Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan of the Centre for Health Protection, 26 confirmed Covid-19 cases were detected as of midnight last night. Ten of them are linked to the Kwai Chung estate, 8 to Yat Kwai House, and two to Ying Kwai.

Since the two buildings are linked to Tai Wo Hau estate with a total of 17 blocks, it is feared a major transmission chain may have spread as there are a few of the new cases were found in the second estate.

Five students of Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College, all linked to the same Omicron carrier who infected a cleaner at Yat Kwai, also tested positive.

A family member of the teacher at Delia Memorial School who was previously infected by a son of the Omicron carrier, also tested positive.

Pindutin para sa detalye

At about 4am this morning, a lockdown was issued for Ying Kwai, as at least three of the linked cases reported yesterday live there.  The operation is supposed to end at 7pm today.

Among those infected at Ying Kwai was a cleaner at Yat Kwai, who was dubbed by officials as “superspreader” as she appeared to have spread the virus in the estate after picking it up from the infected man who had salvaged items from the garbage collection sites there on Jan. 13.


This morning, people living with the infected persons had reportedly been taken away from the two blocks and sent to a quarantine camp.

Staff from the Housing Authority have been delivering hot meals to residents affected by the lockdown while mobile testing centers have been set up around the estate where daily testing has been ordered for Yat Kwai residents.


Among those who tested preliminary positive today is a civilian staff of the Hong Kong Police. A statement from the police said the woman last went to work at the personnel services and staff relations branch at the Tsuen Wan government offices on Jan 20. 


All officers and staff who had dealings with her will be tested, while those identified as her close contacts will be moved to a quarantine centre.

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