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Walk-in jabs now exclusive to those 60 and above

10 January 2022

By The SUN 

Elderly people are now the only ones allowed to walk in for a vaccine jab 

Only people 60 years old above will be allowed to walk in for Covid-19 vaccines starting tomorrow, Civil Service Secretary Patrick Nip said today, Jan. 10.

Nip, who runs the vaccination campaign of the government, told a radio program that he was glad to see more people getting jabbed, but the government has to make the change to make things easier for the elderly, according to RTHK.


"Due to the recent situation, we want to make it convenient for elderly people, because some of them don't know how to make a booking [online] and they need to walk in," he added.

All others who are eligible to get a Covid-19 vaccine will now be required to book their places in Community Vaccination Centers (CVCs) through the vaccination website:


Anyone who wanted to get a vaccine was earlier allowed to line up for same-day tickets in a bid to boost the city’s vaccination rate.

Nip said more vaccination centers will be put up and more staff will be hired to enable them to handle the increase in people seeking the jabs.

Press for details

He said the government was returning to the old booking system because of the long lines that have built up at the vaccination centers in the wake of a rise in local cases of the Omicron variant, and a new policy requiring people to have had at least one vaccine shot to be able to enter restaurants starting Feb. 24.

Hong Kong’s vaccination program has been going on for 319 days and so far, 10.3 million doses have been administered, according to figures posted by the government.


At least 5.03 million of these vaccinations were first dose, which represents 74.7% of Hong Kong residents qualified to take the vaccine.

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