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Flight ban on PH, 7 other countries extended to Mar 4; Nepal added to list

11 February 2022

By The SUN 

Passengers from the Philippines will have to wait 2 more weeks at the earliest to get to HK

The Hong Kong government has announced that the ban on passenger flights from eight countries including the Philippines will be extended for 14 days to Mar 4. The ban was supposed to have been extended only until Feb 18.

The other countries covered by the flight ban which was first imposed on Jan 8 are Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


From tomorrow, the ban will also cover Nepal. A flight on Jan 25 from Kathmandu arrived with 36 passengers testing positive at Hong Kong International Airport. The number of infections from the flight reached no less than 80, when other passengers tested positive while in quarantine.


The decision to extend the ban came as Hong Kong reported another record-high 1,325 cases, with a further 1,500 people testing preliminary positive. Hospitals are nearing full-capacity, with some confirmed patients being told to remain at home and wait to be admitted.

Pindutin para sa detalye

“Noting that the local epidemic situation remains severe, and there has all along been many Hong Kong residents returning from these eight places, in order to prevent imported cases from posing additional pressure on the healthcare system at this crucial juncture of curbing the local epidemic situation, the Government will extend the place-specific flight suspension mechanism for two weeks,” said the government announcement.


“From Feb 19 to Mar 4, all passenger flights from these eight places will be prohibited from landing in Hong Kong, and at the same time, persons who have stayed in these places for more than two hours within 14 days will be restricted from boarding passenger flights for Hong Kong, so as to stop persons from the relevant places from traveling to Hong Kong via transit.

Press for details

The statement said the government will review “in due course” whether the place-specific flight ban should be lifted, taking into account the latest global and local epidemic situations.

"We understand that the place-specific flight suspension mechanism is an extremely stringent emergency measure, and will inevitably affect the return journeys of Hong Kong residents from these nine places," said the statement. 


"However, we must maintain the relevant measure so as to quickly quell the epidemic situation, in order to prevent imported cases from posing additional pressure on the medical system."

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