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All non-exempted Hongkongers need to get 3rd vaccine dose by May 31

20 March 2022

By The SUN

Restaurants are now actively enforcing the vaccine pass for all dine-in customers

Everyone in Hong Kong who has had two doses of a vaccine must get a booster shot by the end of May unless they have tested positive lately, or have a medical record showing they are exempt from vaccination.

Previously, the deadline for getting a third dose under the vaccine pass scheme which restricts entry to many public premises to vaccinated individuals was set for the end of June this year.


A government statement issued Sunday said more people have been getting themselves vaccinated, and there are enough doses to inoculate everyone by the deadline.

The statement said the nine-month grace period previously given to people to get their third dose will be cut down to six months.


However, those who had their second jab less than six months before May 31 are still exempt from the booster deadline.

In the statement, the government reiterated that those who have recently recovered from Covid-19 are exempt from getting the third dose if they have already received two jabs.

If they only had one jab before testing positive for Covid-19, they should get their second dose six months after recovery. This does not apply to those aged 12 to 17 who had received the BioNTech vaccine.


Those who never had any vaccination should get their first dose six months after recovery.

The government said a QR code for those who have recovered from Covid-19 is being developed, and will likely be launched in May.

Recovered persons may use this QR code to enter premises covered by the vaccine pass add their recovery status to their vaccination record in the LeaveHomeSafe app.

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But before obtaining this QR code, recovered persons can present any proof of infection or recovery, such as a discharge letter, SMS/electronic/paper record of a positive PCR test result, proof of report of a positive rapid test result, an isolation order issued by the Department of Health, or any similar document issued by government authorities.

Mere photos of a positive rapid test result will not qualify as proof.


For those who hold a medical exemption certificate issued by a doctor, this can be used for vaccine pass only within the specified validity period.

Doctors who issue medical exemption certificates to recovered patients must conform to guidelines to be issued by the DH.

Under the vaccine pass, only vaccinated individuals will be allowed entry to most public premises, including restaurants, schools, government-run leisure venues, supermarkets, malls and other private premises where large crowds gather.

CE Lam gives elderly people a pep talk during a vaccination drive (File)

Earlier today, Chief Executive Carrie Lam ruled out compulsory vaccination for elderly people saying that "from the medical, moral and personal-choice points of viee, vaccination should be administered only with consent."

However, since the fifth wave has resulted in a high mortality rate among the elderly, especially those in care homes, she said the government can "require them to get jabbed more forcefully."

Of the more than 5,000 people with Covid-19 who have died in the fifth wave, more than 90% are aged 65 and above.

Lam said around the vaccination rate for those 70 years and older is now at 70%, meaning about 280,000 of them have yet to get their first jab.

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