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Boosters not needed by those who had Covid-19, experts say

14 March 2022

 By The SUN


No third dose is needed by healthy adults after they get sick of Covid-19, say experts

Fully vaccinated individuals who have no health issues should no longer get a booster shot after they contract Covid-19, according to a team of experts advising the Hong Kong government on its pandemic response

The joint expert committee’s recommendations were published in a press statement issued Sunday.


For healthy individuals aged 17 and above who were unvaccinated before their infection, the experts said they should still take two doses of either the Sinovac or BioNTech vaccines, with the first jab being administered three months after their recovery.

The recommendation does not apply to elderly residents of care homes who have not taken a single vaccine dose, as they are deemed to be at a higher risk of getting seriously ill. The experts said that they could have their first dose one month after they recover.


If the elderly home resident had taken a vaccine shot before getting infected, the second dose could be given three months after recovery.

The experts laid down different guidelines for patients in various age groups and compromised immunity as follows:

1)      For youngsters aged between 5 and 17 who were unjabbed before they got Covid, the experts said they should take either one dose of the BioNTech vaccine, or two doses if they choose Sinovac, after recovery. But a second dose of BioNTech will still be allowed for some personal reasons like attending a school abroad. 

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2)      Those aged between 3 and 4 are recommended to have two Sinovac doses. If children and teenagers had taken one Sinovac jab before infection, they should take one more after they recover.      However, if they had a BioNTech jab they need not have a second dose. 

3)      For elderly people with compromised immunity who were infected with Covid, they are advised to get an extra dose of a vaccine


4)    Boosters are allowed for children below 12 years at least three months after they received the second dose.

Details of the interim recommendations are available at the CHP's website:


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