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HK’s daily Covid-19 tally drops to 10,405

25 March 2022

By The SUN


CE holds up a care pack with rapid test kits, masks and medicines to be given away to residents  

Health authorities have reported a total of 10,405 confirmed cases of Covid-19 Friday, the lowest in a month. Four of the cases were imported while the rest were all locally acquired.

Among them, 5,827 were confirmed from rapid test results submitted to a government platform while 4,578 were from PCR tests done by government and private laboratories.

The cases took Hong Kong’s coronavirus tally in the fifth wave to 1,098,998.


The death toll continued to mount, with 192 cases being reported, including 162 that happened Friday and 30 that occurred earlier.

There are now a total of 6,749 deaths in the 5th wave, raising the death rate to 0.61%.

Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Protection said that a thorough analysis of the Covid-linked deaths will be made in future to see how many of them were actually caused by the infection.

The study will draw inference from studies made by the World Health Organization and other overseas institutions.


Responding to a reporter’s questions, Au also confirmed that there was one apparent case of a false positive result from a RAT being reported to CHP. Police are already investigating the case.

He also said daily random sampling of the positive RAT results submitted showed only about 10% of the patients tested negative in confirmatory PCR tests. The patients were sent to Penny’s Bay for isolation and further tests.

Pindutin para sa detalye

In these cases, he said the individuals concerned were asked for more details, like why the result was negative only a day after the report was made, what brand of testing kit they used, and their exposure to other infected persons.

Au gave several possible explanations for the negative test results like the submitted RAT was a false positive result or they gave a wrong sampling date so that they would have already recovered by the time the PCR test was conducted.


He said those who want to report an infection that happened more than two days earlier should not use the online platform but send an email to


Meanwhile Dr Larry Lee of the Hospital Authority said the newly reported fatalities were mostly aged 65 and above, and half of them resided in care homes.

But they also included younger patients like a 21-year-old man who was bedridden and had a chonic ailment. He was initially taken to Siu Lam Hospital where he tested positive for Covid-19.

On Mar 22 he had shortness of breath and was transferred to Tuen Mun Hospital where his condition turned serious. He died at 2am yesterday.

Lee said that a total of 10,654 patients are being treated in various public hospitals and infection control centers. Among them are 35 patients in critical condition (20 of them unvaccinated) while 48 are in serious condition, and 105 are in intensive care.

The care packs will have 20 rapid test kits and KN95 masks and Chinese medicines

Earlier, the government said it plans to start sending out anti-epidemic packs to all Hong Kong households at the start of next month, and the deliveries should be completed within a week.

The announcement was made by acting home affairs minister Jack Chan who joined Chief Executive Carrie Lam at her daily conference.


The package will include 20 rapid test kits, 20 KN95 masks and Chinese medicines.

Chan said the packs will be distributed through the Housing Authority, building management firms, the Heung Yee Kuk and volunteer groups.

Residents who fail to get a pack for some reason will be able to obtain one from collection points to be set up later.

CE Lam said that by giving out the test kits, the government hopes people will be encouraged to check themselves for Covid more often so infections can be detected earlier.

She also hit out at a Chinese language daily that she said had published a misleading information about Sinovac.

Reports said she was referring to an article in Ming Pao that said a big majority of vaccinated people who died in the Omicron outbreak had received the Sinovac jab.

The CE said she was “very aggrieved and actually very angry” at the report as it sent the wrong message to the elderly people, their relatives and the whole community.

The CHP had earlier denied the report, saying both the Mainland-made Sinovac and German manufactured BioNTech vaccines are effective in lowering the mortality rate.

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