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25 imported cases among 628 new Covid-19 cases reported

22 April 2022

By The SUN


25 of the new cases were imported, and they resulted in two flight suspensions

Health authorities reported 628 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, down 40 from the previous day. They took the total number of cases to 1.18 million.

Among them are 25 imported cases, 19 of which involved passengers who tested positive on arrival at the airport. The remaining six cases were detected during hotel quarantine.

Two flights were suspended for one week from flying to Hong Kong after they brought in passengers who were either infected or did not comply with boarding requirements.


These include flight CX100 operated by Cathay Pacific which flew in on Apr 20 from Sydney, Australia, with four passengers who tested positive on arrival.

The other is Korean Air flight KE607 which arrived from Seoul, Korea on Apr 19 with one passenger who tested positive on arrival and five who did not comply with pre-boarding requirements.

Dr Albert Au of the Centre for Health Protection said the new cases included 317 confirmed through PCR tests while 311 were reported by patients who did self-tests.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Au also said 250 schools have resumed face-to-face classes and that the CHP was informed of seven reports of infection from six different schools. They involve five teachers and two students who tested positive in rapid tests before going to school.

Two of the infected teachers work in the same school but Au said their cases are not linked.

The two students are from different schools.


Five of the seven patients had gone to school on Tuesday and Wednesday as they tested negative on both days.

Au said there are still risks of infection in the community so it was not unexpected that positive cases would be detected among students and school staff.

What’s more important, he said, was that “we have prevented infected pupils and teachers from returning to school to minimize the risk of transmissions on campus."

CE Lam leads inspection of Clementi school, one of the venues for the HKDSE

Separately, Chief Executive Carrie Lam inspected one of the examination centres of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination which starts Friday to check on their preparations for guarding students and teachers against Covid infections.

About 50,000 students are set to sit the HKDSE which will be held over three weeks this year. They include six who will take it from Penny’s Bay isolation facility. Four of them tested positive for Covid-19 while two are in quarantine.


All candidates are required to present health declaration forms on which the result of their rapid test conducted in the morning is set out, and to have their body temperature checked on arrival.

Seats inside the venues will be set up with an appropriate distance between them while good ventilation shall be ensured throughout the examination.

Meanwhile, Undersecretary for Food and Health Chui Tak-yi said authorities will continue to be on the alert for any outbreaks now that social distancing measures have been eased.


"Premises have reopened and people may lower their guard thinking outbreaks have stabilized," Chui said. "But law enforcement teams will step up inspections and prosecutions in the meantime because we don't want a rebound in cases."

Health officials also reported 26 new deaths, including 18 involving people who died on Wednesday. They took the death toll from the fifth wave to nearly 9,000.

They also said the details of almost all of Hong Kong's 1.18 million recovered Covid patients have been uploaded onto a platform. The concerned patients can download a QR code off the platform which they can use instead of a vaccine pass.


People who are still having difficulty downloading the QR code have been asked to double check their ID card numbers or contact the authorities if they still encounter problems.


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