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Filipina appeals for return of lost bag with $5k

03 April 2022

By The SUN


Elsa shows an eco bag that looks exactly like the one she left behind on a bus

The sudden weather change has inadvertently led to one Filipina domestic helper forgetting her black eco bag on a bus, and along with it, her wallet containing about $5,000 of her salary, a cellphone, ear pod and HK ID card.

According to Elsa T., she was aboard bus no 73 which was on its way from Stanley to Cyberport when she started feeling warm, so she decided to take off her sweater. But to do this, she had to take the bag off her shoulder and put it on the seat beside her.


She then hurried to get off at the next stop, without realizing that she had unslung the cloth bag from her shoulder and had left it on the bus.

Elsa said she decided to seek The SUN’s help as the one seated nearest to her was a fellow Filipina, and she was hoping that her fellow bus rider had somehow picked up her bag and turned it over to the authorities.


Baka lang po may magandang loob na nakakuha at hindi lang alam kung paano ako ma kontak,” she said, adding along with a crying emoji: “pauwi na ako ngayong June.”

(Just in case some kindhearted soul found it and just does not know how to contact me…I will be going home for good in June].

Elsa said she has already contacted the bus company, but was told that no one had turned over any bag that matched her description. She has also reported the loss to the police.

The money, said Elsa, was part of her salary that she received on Saturday.

Kakasahod ko kasi kahapon, tapos nagpadala na ako sa family ko. May naiwan na $5k na i deposit ko sana sa account ko, at pambayad sa box ko,” she said

(I just received my salary yesterday and I had already sent money to my family in the Philippines. I had about $5,000 left which I was planning to deposit into my bank account and pay for my door-to-door box]


After working in Hong Kong for 10 years, Elsa said she is set to go home this coming June. The money that she just lost was meant to go into a nest-egg for her resettlement back in the Philippines.

Anyone with information about the lost bag may contact Elsa at telephone number 98455386.


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