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Record daily tally of 3,400 posted in Overseas Voting

15 April 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap


Another busy day at the name and precinct verification desk
The Good Friday tally in the ongoing overseas voting for Filipinos in Hong Kong has surpassed the number set last Sunday, when the queuing had to be stopped because of huge crowds and inadequate vote counting machines.

Consul General Raly Tejada gave a rounded figure of about 3,400 for the day’s turnout, citing a resolution from the Commission on Elections that purportedly says they cannot give out information on the daily tally.

For Thursday, he also gave a ballpark figure of “more than 1,700”.


On Sunday, the turnout reached a total of 3,285 despite the quick cut-off when police were overwhelmed by the huge number of people that turned up from the early hours at Bayanihan Centre where the month-long voting is being held.

Using all the numbers supplied so far by the Consulate, the total voters’ turnout for the past six days is already at least 13,292 - with the daily tally never dipping below 1,000 even on a weekday.

With the next few days being general public holidays and with the number of VCMs and the corresponding precincts having been doubled since Tuesday, the number could swell up further.

Pindutin para sa detalye

This means, Congen Tejada’s forecast that this year would register the biggest turnout in the history of overseas voting in Hong Kong could well be true.

Queuing outside Bayanihan for overseas voting always starts early 

Long queues were seen at Bayanihan even before polling started at 8am, but the feedback from the voters had been generally positive.

However, by the end of the day, an obviously irked Consul Bob Quintin who is tasked with overseeing the overseas vote, posted an advisory on Facebook reminding poll watchers not to try to lord it over (maghari-harian) at the polling venue.

Without naming names or mentioning any party affiliation, Consul Quintin warned the poll watchers that they are not supposed to interrupt proceedings inside the precinct and to follow orders from the Special Board of Election Inspector (SBEI).


He also warned the watchers not to do live video reports while inside Bayanihan, or face being reported to Comelec.

“Most of all, you are also not supposed to be conducting exit polls or any form of survey outside the Bayanihan while you are serving as Poll Watchers,” he said.

“Please be reminded that we have the discretion to cancel your accreditation immediately for cause,” he said.

The warning came after a known supporter of presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. was reportedly pictured doing a live report and whispering to voters going up to Bayanihan while wearing a volunteer’s ID.


But supporters in the same camp belied this, with one challenging Consul Quintin to immediately accost offenders in the act if they were indeed abusing their volunteer privilege.

Pollsters outside Bayanihan are shown in the photo shared by a Facebook commenter

Others applauded Quintin’s move and said they had indeed seen people conducting surveys outside  the polling place while wearing poll watcher’s IDs.

Quintin emphasized that the role of a poll watcher is to observe proceedings, nothing more.

Ang priority sa loob ng botohan ay ang botante. Your role is to observe and inform yourselves of the proceedings. Kung hindi kayo makakatulong, e huwag na lang din kayong dumagdag sa mga problema,” he said.

(The priority inside the polling place is the voter. Your role is to observe and inform yourselves of the proceedings. If there’s nothing you can do to help, do not add to the problem.).

Earlier, he warned that since there was an expectation that a large number of voters would turn up, more police officers would be deployed in the vicinity.

He also said that because it was Good Friday, voters should emulate Christ’s example of humility, forgiveness and love for one another.

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